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On Friday 16 October we paused in-person indoor society activity, defined as educational, so that we could clarify what affect the new Tier Two rules would have.

So far this term, societies have delivered core activity safely on campus, becoming an essential part of the UCL experience this year. We’ve now had clarification on the new Tier Two rules, and we will be continuing indoor in-person core society activity.

Outdoor off-campus society activity will continue to follow the rule of six, and indoor off-campus activity will remain paused.

‘Core’ activity is the reason a club or society exists, and is defined in the constitution of each group. For example, core activity for the Argentine Tango Society is to provide Tango lessons. The club or society must be approved to deliver on-campus activity before they can do so, and we have a growing list of approved groups.

All other club and society activity, i.e socials, will continue to take place online.

In-person activity has been very important this year, providing a safe way for students to meet, socialise and explore all the wonderful things our clubs and societies have to offer.

We have developed an extensive set of guidelines for in-person club and society activity, and so far this year, clubs and societies have lead by example with their approach - developing comprehensive risk assessments and running activity that is safe and accessible.

Because of the way our clubs and societies have acted this so far this term, UCL have supported our clubs and societies every step of the way.

Whilst our approach this year has and will continue to be online first, our priority is for all members of our community to make the most of their time at UCL - regardless of how they experience it. Guiding everything we do will be the expert advice of UCL and the rules set out by the UK Government, ensuring our members are safe during their time with us.

In-person society events will be published on our What’s On calendar, and you can read more about how Tier Two changes impact our other services here.