Wenxin Wang is a postgraduate student in the Department of Information Studies. During February reading week, Wenxin participated in our Social Hackathons and worked with a group of fellow volunteers to help Salusbury World, one of our partner organisations. 


What made you decide to sign up for the Hackathon? 

I heard about it from the Students’ Union’s newsletter.  The idea of solving practical problems by applying my own knowledge and skills made me apply!

Was the Hackathon what you expected?

Yes!  It gave me a chance to get to know the Salusbury World - a charity in London that does a great job on supporting refugees and asylums seeking children and families, and their challenges currently facing. It feels great that some ideas we proposed were regarded as helpful.

Have you learned new skills or developed existing ones?

I feel more confident about my teamwork skills. I took the notes for our group using mind maps during the brainstorming and I am happy to see my efforts made sense and helped to present our ideas clearly in a short time.

Do you feel you've made a difference to the charity, or learned about a new community?

Yes. We generated some ideas to improve the quality of their remote mentoring sessions by investigating different platforms, communication tools and feedback from mentors.It is good to hear that Salusbury World will take some of our ideas into their real work and keep touch with us about the updates.

Have you enjoyed the Social Hackathon experience? 

I really enjoyed the brainstorming process with these creative minds. We spent a rewarding day together.


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