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Caiti, part of the Fencing Club, will be going to the World University Games this weekend. The games have really increased in rank in recent years and are now recognised as the second largest multi-sport Games in the world after the Olympics. Both Caiti and Helshan (competing for table tennis) will be contending for medals in the games from 3 July. Here’s Caiti’s account on how she got into Fencing and what she thinks about the upcoming games. 

When I started fencing aged 8 at my primary school, I had no idea where the sport would end up taking me. At first what I enjoyed was that it was different from other sports at my school. Although I loved netball and hockey, fencing was completely unique and because of that I found it really exciting. I joined my local club, which was up and coming on the national circuit, and by the time that I went to my first international competition aged 14, my club was the best in the country. I was lucky to be surrounded by world class coaches and a professional environment that allowed me to train and compete at a high level from a young age. When I was in my final season of Under 17s I reached the top of the European rankings and won my first Senior National Title. Two years later, after completing my A levels, I moved to Budapest for a year to train full time, which has proven key in both my personal and fencing development. Since moving back to London and joining UCL in September I’ve achieved some of my best results; I medaled at multiple Under 20 World Cup events, most notably the Under 20 European Championships and won my fourth Senior British Championship in a row.

I’ve had my eyes on the University Games for a while, so when I was selected for it I was super excited. It’s known for being an amazing experience, almost like a mini-Olympics. I’m really looking forward to getting to know athletes from other sports and watching Helshan rep UCL in Table Tennis. I aim to reach the Top 8 of the competition in individuals. It’s going to be a really competitive event, so I’m hoping to rise to the occasion!

I’ve just finished my first year at UCL studying history. It’s been a bit crazy at times trying to fit in training with academics and social, but I’ve loved all of it. The Elite Athlete Program here has provided me with so much support throughout my fencing season and the academic year. The strength and conditioning sessions with Tiahan have massively improved my physical form for competitions. The program has also given me loads of help when deadlines have clashed with fencing competitions. The financial support I received as part of the program was also amazing as it funded part of my Junior competitions. I’m loving being part of TeamUCL’s community.