The past 18 months have been challenging for a hundred different reasons, and every part of UCL has had to adapt and change, including us. We’re here to make more happen, and that means making sure UCL acts with students’ best interests at heart.  

UCL have shared plans for teaching in term two (Jan 2022), and your department should have been in touch already to share exactly what that means for you.  

For us, a UCL education is the all-encompassing experience of being with your peers, meeting new people, trying new things, joining clubs, forming communities, socialising, and experiencing the environment on campus, and in London.  

This coming academic year we’ll keep making sure student voices are heard when decisions are made. Everything we’ve learnt and everything you’ve told us over the past year has given us four clear priorities that will shape our work during the year ahead. We’ll outline these below, so you always know where we stand: 

  1. In-person teaching is essential to the UCL experience. Seminars, labs, workshops, and small lectures should always take place in-person. 
  2. Students need space. Clubs, societies and student groups need to be together in person and resources should be available to make this happen. 
  3. Students should be central to decision making at UCL, in the room and able to influence plans as they’re made. 
  4. UCL should always be there for students. If things go wrong, UCL should be ready to adapt policies, increase support and act quickly to protect students.  

We always want to hear from you about what you’re experiencing, this helps us make the case for change. Keep sharing your feedback, contact us or get in touch via social media

Throughout the past year we’ve shared your experiences with UCL and been your voice when plans are made. We've met with Government Ministers, launched a campaign for tuition fee refunds, conducted extensive research on the experience of students and made sure clubs and societies can remain active in a safe way in line with restrictions. 

 We’re hoping for the best, but ready to deal with things if the Covid situation gets worse. Things can change fast and your safety will always come first, above everything else.