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Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top tips to tightening your wallet while still making the most of your time at UCL!

Buy a TOTUM Card

TOTUM cards are basically the holy grail for students. Even if you’re running low on cash, the card offers you loads of discounts that let you indulge for less. You can get money off your restaurant bills, cinema tickets, online and instore shopping and even a hot air balloon flight, if that takes your fancy! It’s easy to buy TOTUM card online - definitely a must-have for keeping a tight budget while at UCL.

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Dine Out For Less

Being a stone’s throw away from Tottenham Court Road, Charlotte Street and Camden means that it’s always tempting (and a bit expensive) to try out all the restaurants around UCL. But why spend over a tenner on an avocado toast and vegan smoothie when you can buy the same thing from the Print Room Cafe for a fiver? (We’ve also heard they’ll be selling mulled wine all day soon!). 

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It’s also worthwhile checking out the uni cafes for lunch and breakfast deals and quality food for less. If you feel like venturing out of uni to satisfy your food needs, ICCO’s and Franco Manca is always a good shout for delicious value pizza.

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If you’re still in the area for dinner, you can get 50% off your food at Itsu and Wasabi if you go 30 minutes before closing. What a bargain! Or have you heard of Too Good To Go? We’re loving it here, and why not? Especially when you can get takeaway food for half the price! 

Reheat your leftovers on campus to avoid eating out

Buying food everyday can take its toll on your wallet, so why not bring in your lunch from home?

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There are microwaves dotted around UCL and Union buildings, for example in the Student Activities common room, The Study and IOE. Don’t forget to check out the kitchen equipment in your department’s common room as most of them have a microwave and a kettle too!

Bring in your own travel mug

From 9am lectures, to late night library sessions, some of us can’t function at Uni without at least one good cup of coffee.

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If you bring in your own mug or travel cup, you can save 15p on all hot drinks in the Union’s cafés. Want to save even more? Don’t forget that the cafés also have a loyalty card system - once you’ve filled your card you can get a free hot beverage! *Plots to buy nine teas and then get a large mocha with free drink*

Make the most of student nights

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If you’re looking for a cheap night out with value drinks and good music, then head over to the Union bars. Take advantage of Phineas’s Cheap Mondays with selected drinks going for only £1.50 or the 3-4-2 Fridays in Phineas, Huntleys and Mullys. Every night the Union Bars have something different to offer, from live jazz to karaoke and pub quizzes. If you want to go further afield on occasion (well down the road), UCL student favourites include the Court on Tottenham Court Road, Simmons bar on University Street and Student Central (otherwise known as ULU) which all offer student discounts or great happy hour deals.

Get Discounted Theatre and Event Tickets

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There’s always something exciting to do in London without breaking the bank. If going to the Theatre is your thing, make sure to get the free entry pass membership for the National Theatre, which offers theatre tickets to students for £7.50! If you’re extra keen, you can also queue up at the break of dawn for £5 tickets. There’s also the Young Barbican offer which let’s you see some amazing performances for a fiver. If you go on a Thursday, you can also grab a free slice of pizza and a drink! Bargain! 


Join a Society

From free cake, to fitness classes, joining a society is a great way to entertain yourself without breaking the bank. Societies organise events, classes, and activities tailored to your passion, so by becoming a part of one, you can meet like-minded people and get stuck into a hobby without having to pay extortionate London prices!

Treat Yourself

For your own sanity, it’s always a good idea to treat yourself every now and then.

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Reading Week doesn’t always mean being glued to a library seat. Take advantage of the fact that you’re in London and check out SkyScanner for cheap flights abroad, you could be doing your readings in Copenhagen with return flights for under £30. If you don’t feel like jetting off, scan Wowcher or Treatwell to find some great pamper deals, or keep an eye out for free massages, Mindfulness and stress relief sessions advertised on posters around UCL.

Are you struggling?

Why not pop to see the nice folk at our Advice Service? They know all sorts of ways for helping you to manage your money and they’re happy to help. They’ve also got some handy online advice about additional funding and what to do if you unexpectedly hit hard times.