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June is here and we are more than ready for the summer and have the drinks to prove it! Find your new summer favourite below.

Here's to long evenings outside, losing more sunglasses than you want to admit to and relaxing with friends.

Get the par-TEA started

Three bubble tea flavours pictured: Matcha milk tea with tapioca, milk tea with tapioca and passionfruit tea with lychee bubbles

Are we supposed to have favourites? Who cares - the passion fruit tea with strawberry bubbles is ours! But you can customise yours however you like as with four tea bases and five bubble choices to pick from you can mix and match to your hearts content. Matcha milk tea with lychee popping balls anyone?

Where can I get one? Grab and Go in George Farha Café
Price: From £3.00

Where have you BEAN?

Iced Latte pictured with caramel syrup

You don't mess with a classic. Frappes and iced coffees are always a go-to in the summer. We also have a range of syrups from caramel to strawberry to suit your taste.

If you're having drink envy right now - it's an iced latte with caramel syrup from Gordon's pictured

Where can I get one? All our cafes (that's Bloomsbury, George Farha, Print Room and Gordons Café) offer iced versions and frappes of your favourite coffee.
Price: From £2.95

SHAKE it till you make it

Three protein milkshakes pictured - berry blast, matcha and chocolate hazelnut

Ther's a new kid on the block! These protein milkshakes have landed in Print Room Café this summer. Take your pick some fantastic flavours including Berry Blast, Matcha and Chocolate Hazelnut. Plus, the added protein is sure to give you a boost after a visit to the gym.

Where can I get one? Print Room Café
Price: £4.75

SMOOTHIE criminal

Two smoothies - one orange, one pink served in glasses

Too good to resist, these smoothies are available across campus and make an excellent fruity pick-me-up. Vote with your feet for you favourite flavour but currently it's our mango and strawberry options topping the list!

Where can I get one? Gordons Café, George Farha Café and Print Room Café
Price: From £3.90

Ice ICE baby

Two iced teas served in glasses - one lemon and one watermelon

We admit it, we were running low on puns when we reached for this noughties track title, but there's nothing dated about these iced teas. Simple, cool and refreshing in lemon, peach or watermelon flavours, we've got our eyes on these for the hottest days!

Where can I get one? Gordons Café and Print Room Café
Price: From £2.50

Row of cold drinks lined up on grass on a summer day. From L-R: Strawberry smoothie in a glass, passionfruit bubble tea in a UCL reusable cup, lemon iced tea in a UCL reusable glass cup, Iced latte in a disposable cup and berry blast protein milkshake in a glass.
UCL branded bubble tea reusable tall cup, a hot/cold reusable bottle and traditional glass coffee reusable keep cup.

Don't forget!

Bring your reusable cup with you to the café to save yourself 50p on all drinks - both hot and cold! All the prices above don't include the cost of a disposable cup, which you guessed it cost 50p.

Don't have your own? The Hanger has a range of reusable keep cup drink options you can browse in store.