We’ve got something for everyone, whatever your sporting commitments. From one-off yoga sessions to regular training, we’ve got you covered. Like with a lot of things, we've had to make some changes to the physical activities we offer you. Have a look below to see how they will be impacted and keep an eye on our social media for updates on what's at the Union. We can be found @studentsunionucl on Facebook and Instagram and @TheUnionUCL on Twitter (you can also find the deets at the bottom of the page). 

Sporting level: No commitment

No training or trials, no long-term gym contracts, just exercise classes when you want them. Project Active sessions are beginner-friendly, inclusive activities (we’ve got women-only and Postgraduate-only sessions) that don’t break the bank. With no commitments or experience necessary you can come and enjoy activities like yoga and HIIT, or 5-a-side football, rugby and hockey - it’s all about having fun and being active in whatever way works for you. There's no judgement - you do you and whatever you can to be active. 

COVID-19 Update: We're offering online and in person Project Active sessions with small groups and a trainer to talk you through the moves. 

Sporting level: Regular training

Got a passion for a particular sport, or want to pick up a new one that you might never get to try again? With over 70 clubs to choose from, TeamUCL has sports Clubs you can join competitively or recreationally. You can become a member of TeamUCL and compete on a national level with other universities or you can join a Clubs that plays sports recreationally and have their own leagues and competitions. 

COVID-19 Update: Sporting acivities will now be taking place in small groups.


Sporting level: Top of their game

We’re talking about our Elite Athlete Programme which supports the most gifted and talented athletes so they can progress to the highest sporting levels whilst studying at UCL. Right now we have two Elite Athletes at the World University Games (biggest multi-sport games after the Olympics) who we’ve supported with training, finances and by helping them find a balance between their sports and academia. 

COVID-19 Update: We'll still be supporting our elite athletes but via an online medium. 

Sporting level: Gym-Style

Whatever your sporting level, we’ve got Bloomsbury Fitness - your student gym right on campus. Since we run the gym, our priorities lie in providing you with a good service that is affordable - so affordable that we’ve got the lowest prices in the area. We don’t charge you to leave, put our prices up halfway or tie you to contracts and most of our staff are students like you. We’ve got friendly people, a packed class schedule (classes are included in the price) and great facilities like squash courts. 

This year we started women-only gym sessions. Twice a week, on Wednesday mornings from 07:30 - 09:00 and Sunday evenings from 19:15 - 20:00, Bloomsbury Fitness becomes a women’s only gym with female gym staff and receptionists.

COVID-19 Update: The gym is fully open now.

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