The Borough of Westminster has many vulnerable/disadvantaged families with lone or young parents, on low incomes, facing mental or physical ill health, depression, language barriers or coping with disabilities. Many are refugees or asylum seekers, have been in temporary accommodation for several years or are struggling to establish a home and cope with huge changes in their lives. Unfold is a small charitable agency which has been working in partnership with local families in Westminster since 1989 to provide help and support for vulnerable families with at least one child of 14 years or under in their own homes. We help to break cycles of disadvantage and social exclusion, helping family cohesion, wellbeing and achievement by providing family support solutions for a wide range of issues by means of volunteer befriending, mentoring and advocacy support, and professionally led sports, arts and recreational activities.

Refugee Response Programme - Mentoring for Mums Welcome
Mentoring for Mums Welcome

For over 30 years, Unfold (previously Westminster Befriend a Family) has been providing support to vulnerable families who

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"Volunteering has helped me feel more at home in a foreign country!"
Nashwa Naushad is an MSc student studying Sustainable Urbanism. She's been spending her time helping at one-off events as well as ongoing placements - read her story to find out why she loves volunteering.