About Us

Share works with disabled people who need extra help and support to realise their dreams and aspirations. We are a centre for learning and wellbeing for adults with learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, and mental health needs. Our aim is to help people live independent, happy, and healthy lives, and make their own choices.

Share was founded in 1972. We are based in the London Borough of Wandsworth, but we work across London, supporting residents from Lambeth, Southwark, Croydon and Merton among others.

We focus on what people can do, not what holds them back. And we believe that everyone has something to offer their community, whether it be in employment or as active members of our society. 


What we do

We are a training centre providing learning and wellbeing resources to help adults with learning disabilities, autism, and other support needs live life to the full.

We provide a holistic service, offering accredited training to help people move towards employment, and personal development courses to boost independence and help people feel more confident.

We help people get out socially, run a befriending service, and provide family liaison support.


Volunteers at Share

Our volunteers are very special to us and vital to our success. Volunteering is a chance to make a difference, develop new skills and make new friends. We guarantee that the right people will have a rewarding experience working in our dedicated and friendly community.

Please visit our website to find out more about volunteering at Share

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See what other students say about this project

"The new communication and inter-personal skills we have are something you can really take forward to other volunteering opportunities and even careers as well."
We spoke to three of the students who took part in the Share x UCL MasterChef with Share Community during Welcome Week 2022.