At ReachOut2All CIC we are all about giving young people a voice through their talents and work with various age groups 13 - 30yrs old. We have a board of 16 young directors, young people inspire us, act as role models and ensure that we reflect their lived experiences. We will continue to partner with our young people to amplify their voices and take the necessary steps needed in order for them to be involved in decision making and change by co-creating with them in our discussions (planning, organizing and leading).

Our aim is to continue to invest in our youth-focused ideas, advocate for systems changes that meet young people’s needs. Our values are youth led, inclusive and collaborative.

Our vision is supporting young people and helping them realize that their voice matters (building up their self-esteem and confidence) and reassure them that change they want to see in today’s society is possible through them.

Our services consists of the following below:

  • Mentoring
  • Youthled workshops
  • Educational field trips
  • Train the Trainer Programme - youth led (upcoming)
Youth Support Volunteer
We are looking for a volunteer who is interested in assisting young people to a trip to the Sky Academy Studios in London.