We believe that every young person has the right to access the career opportunities and networks in life that will enable them to succeed. The events we organise bring people from the world of work and students together via dynamic, fun, and focused activities that comply with the Education Act 2011 in providing ‘Independent Careers Advice'. All our events are fully structured and evaluated, and developed in consultation with coordinating teachers to ensure the programme achieves agreed objectives, ‘based on the needs of pupils and the opportunities available'. Ultimately what we do enables young people to make more informed decisions about what careers could be out there for them, however, a by-product of our events is that the people who volunteer become ‘upskilled' themselves: they learn about leadership, develop their communication skills, are challenged to think on their feet, and realise that teenagers are teachers too!

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"It is a great kickstart for me as I learned about the contribution of such charities in shaping future generations."
Sharvari Mauskar is an MSc Pharmaceuticals student at the UCL School of Pharmacy.
"There were great opportunities to collaborate with other students, and we were able to present a tangible solution to a defined problem"
Liyann Ooi is a Postgraduate student in MSc Health Psychology. This November, with a team of other passionate volunteers online, she helped our community partner Business Education Events find ways of digitising their in-person youth programme. Read on to hear why she signed up to our Social Hackathons and what she thought about the experience!