"I was quite impressed by the relationship formed between the volunteers and the young people"
We had a chat with UCL alumni Trista, who was a Project Leader for the SLP Arts for Mental Health while she studied a BA in Education Studies.
I saw how such a simple thing -doing origami- had such a positive impact
Ahad did a BSc in paediatrics and child health and is now in his 5th year of medical school.
"... it's all about teamwork in engineering"
Rachel is a second-year biomedical engineering student at UCL, a few months ago we had a lovely chat with her about her role as a Project Leader for the student-led project Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Outreach
UELxSU UCL Social Hackathon March
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Sustainability and Volunteering: Hackney
Volunteering plays a vital role in the sustainability of London’s communities. Each year, over 2000 UCL students volunteer throughout the community with the help of the UCL Volunteering Service, which connects students to over 400 partner organisations across London.
Student Volunteering Week 2023
This week is Student Volunteering Week 2023! This year marks the 22nd annual Student Volunteering Week, which aims to celebrate and encourage the impact of students in the civic sector across the UK.
Sustainability and Volunteering: Camden
UCL students volunteer with organisations all over London, playing a vital role in the sustainability of London's communities. Since the UCL Volunteering Service was established in 2002, thousands of UCL students have been able to connect with the local community through volunteering.
Social Hackathons February 2023
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Volunteering Fair Catalogue - Thursday 19 January
We're so excited to be welcoming over 40 charity recruiters on to campus to talk to you about their volunteering opportunities.
Winter Festive Volunteering
If you’re staying in London over the holiday break and are looking for ways to fill the time and get into the festive spirit before the term ends, try out one of the Winter Festive Volunteering Opportunities taking place!
"I feel like we’re actually making a change."
Get to know the 22-23 Volunteering Officers
"The important thing about doing volunteering is that you will feel like what you did will make a change for someone."
We sat down with
Social Hackathon November 2022
During Reading Week of Term 1, our students were joined by four of the Volunteering Service's partner organisations to take part in our first Social Hackathon of the 2022-23 academic year.
Meet your Volunteering Officers and Reps
Volunteering is a big part of the student culture here at UCL, with around 2000 students taking part in community projects each year. Every Autumn, we elect a Volunteer Officer and Volunteering Reps to make sure the voices of our student volunteers are heard, and to improve the volunteering experience for everyone.
"I find it really nice to know that even if it was just making soap, it’s contributing to something bigger."
"The new communication and inter-personal skills we have are something you can really take forward to other volunteering opportunities and even careers as well."
We spoke to three of the
Welcome One-Offs 2022
During the Welcome Period, the Volunteering Service ran a series of Welcome One-Offs for students to try out volunteering. These opportunities ranged from a MasterChef Challenge to eco-soap making, and were a great way for students to try out volunteering, meet other students, and make an impact on the community.
Volunteering Fair Catalogue detail
Our Volunteering Fair is taking place on Thursday 19th January. This is a fantastic way to get involved with volunteering, talk to organisations, and find out what kind of opportunities are available for UCL students.
It's UCL Volunteering Week!
It’s UCL Volunteering Week – your chance to discover more about the fantastic culture of student volunteering at UCL, find the perfect project and get involved.