"Volunteering makes me feel more hopeful, especially seeing the kids’ passion. It pretty much rubs off on you and it tells me that the world is going into good hands."
Eimear is a PhD student working in computational chemistry looking to apply her knowledge to renewable energy.
"Children know they will be having a lot of fun (and volunteers too!), so they look forward to the session during the whole week."
Lou Baigneres is an incoming second-year Economics with a Year Abroad student doubling as a Volunteer Sports Coach with KEEN London. KEEN London supports children with disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorder.
SDG#8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
IMF is predicting an equal or worse recession than that of 2009 citing the pandemic-induced economic crisis as the worst since the Great Depression. Amid the rising cost of living and this post-Covid economic crisis we turn towards Sustainable Development Goal #8, Decent Work and Economic Growth this August.
"These people are struggling. They have been through a lot and with a little effort we can make a huge difference to their lives."
Shuan is a first-year International Social and Political Studies student specialising in anthropology. She works as a project leader for the Student-Led Project Impact Initiative, a project founded to aid the English learning of Afghan Refugees in London.
Alumni Stories - Virad Kisan
Virad Kisan was a keen volunteer whilst studying Medicine at UCL. He now works as a junior doctor in the NHS - we caught up with him recently to find out how his experiences as a volunteer have been useful in his career.
"Since I had some time during the term, I wanted to put it to good use and so volunteering felt like the natural choice."
From in-person to online volunteering- Chun Lam has tested both out! Read on to find out more about his experience.Tell us a little about your volunteering
Welcome to the Volunteering Service 2022
Get involved!Are you interested in adding an extra spin on your UCL experience? Read on to find out more about how you can get involved in volunteering.
Volunteering and UCL Academic Departments
The Volunteering Service exists to connect UCL with other communities across London, primarily by engaging students in enriching volunteering opportunities. 
"I’m not only teaching them but the same time I'm constantly learning something as well"
Shiqi Li is studying Msc Translation and Technology (with interpreting) in Centre for Multidisciplinary and Intercultural Inquiry.
"It made a huge impact on the students, they were all grateful and really enjoyed it"
London Screen Academy has been partnered up with the Student-Led Project UCL Sexpression.
"It certainly impacts on their sense of responsibility and clarity..."
In this Profile Piece, Dorota shares the collaboration experience between Westminster Kingsway College and the Student-Led Project On & Up Women in Finance. Find out about the amazing workshops they ra
Alumni Stories - Beiming Tian
Beiming is a recent graduate who studied MA Education, Gender, and International Development at the Institute of Education. He is embarking onto a PhD at the University of Cambridge waving goodbye to his UCL volunteering placement.
"As an exchange student, this was the easiest way to get to know the community and meet new people."
We had the chance to speak to Tanya Gligorovici about her volunteering at the EFG London Jazz Festival! Tanya is an exchange student from Paris studying Modern Languages and Business at UCL. Read on to find out more about her experience!
"It was truly wonderful to work together as a team towards a common goal."
Deborah Leem is a Digital Humanities PhD Candidate at UCL. Back in June, she took part in the UCL Charity Consultancy Challenge.Tell us a little about your volunteering
Supporting Partners
RegistrationWe curate our list of partners (c.350), only signing up UK-based not-for-profit organisations that offer good quality volunteer roles to UCL students.
"Volunteering has helped bridge the gap between my module studies and my career ambitions."
Jerome Boyd (MSc Global Governance & Ethics) volunteered on our Social Hackathons and with the UCL Charity Consultancy Challenge. We caught up with him recently to find out more about his volunteering adventures.Tell us a little about your volunteering
What I’ve really learnt is that volunteering isn’t about “pitying those in need”, but rather establishing genuine human connections.
I spoke to the lovely Angel who is currently an MSci in Psychology and currently in year 1.
"And of course the most important thing is the wellbeing aspect: you feel that you are doing something great for others and yourself."
Salima is a master’s student at the Institute of Education studying Educational Planning, Economics, and International Development.
"It’s been quite valuable for our students, they really enjoy speaking with university students..."
This past academic year, the Student-Led Project On & Up Women in Finance has been working with Mulberry School for Girls.
Volunteering Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions - Community VolunteeringHow can I find an opportunity specific to my interest?To find an opportunity specific to your interest, you should head over to our directory<