"... the kids would get a lot of joy out of it"
Charlotte from Hopscotch Women’s Centre spoke to us about their collaboration with the Student-Led Project UCL Student Hospital Fun Team.
Welcome One-Offs 2023
During the 2023 Welcome Period, the UCL Volunteering Service ran our annual Welcome One-Offs.
Volunteering Fair Catalogue – Tuesday 21st November
We’re so excited to be welcoming over 40 charity recruiters on to campus to talk all about their volunteering opportunities. Read more about who’s coming below!
"...we are empowering parents to be lifesavers in their own communities"
Daivi is starting her 4th year of Medicine studies and has just completed an intercalated BSc in Paediatrics and Child Health. She has been co-leading the Student-Led Project Save a Baby’s Life, which provides infant life-saving skills training to parents and carers.
"It’s a great opportunity to contribute my time and skills meaningfully!"
"I have received lots of mentorship, and I want to give that back"
Kevin just finished his undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.
Welcome One-Off Volunteering
Applications for our 2023 Welcome One-Offs are open! Our Welcome One-Off Volunteering events run during the Welcome Period, and are a great way for students to try out volunteering, meet other students, and make an
"I am very passionate about dance and I want to share this passion with more people..."
Aneeta is studying an MA in Film Studies and she volunteered with the Student-Led Project DanceIt!
"...seeing how much the students valued the input and advice we were giving them was truly rewarding"
Anais is a second-year medical student; she was one of the Project Leaders for the UCL Next Top Doctor Student-Led Project.
The SDGs Consultancy Challenge 2023
Our UCL SDG Consultancy Challenge delivered on 12-16 June this year and involved 61 students across 8 projects - working hard to deploy the project management and consultancy skills they developed at our training ahead of the week to find innovative and sustainable ways for the
"If I can help just one person out there, that's literally all I could possibly want."
Volunteering Awards 2023
Our annual Volunteering Awards are our chance to celebrate the wonderful volunteering community here at UCL, and to recognise and thank the incredible contributions of our volunteers and partner organisations.
"It feels like we are doing something useful for the environment..."
Nuzulia is a postgraduate student doing an Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment MSc at the Barlett School of Energy and Environmental Resources.
"It is the small interactions with members of the community that make my day."
The Calthorpe Community Garden is located a 10-minute walk from Kings Cross in London and has been open for over 40 years. This garden is open to all and is run with the help of staff, volunteers, and the local community.
"We taught children what cheerleading is about..."
Ginevra is a third year Linguistics student and Anastasija is a second year Economics and Business with EES student, together, they are Project Leaders for the UCL Helping Children Discove
Sustainability and Volunteering: Westminster
Sustainability plays a key role in the development of communities. Voluntary organisations make a vital contribution to the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of their communities, and the volunteers that work with them are at the heart of this effort.
"I feel like volunteering gives you a sense of achievement and enjoyment"
Daisy is a second year Psychology student, and she has been doing an amazing job as Project Leader for the #Zero Food Waste SLP, winner for the Student Led Project of the Year award!
"I have learnt so much about fundraising."
Rachel Weller, a first-year student studying Archaeology and Anthropology, walked us through her experience of raising funds for Hope for Children (registered charity number: 1161729). 
"I love the sense of fulfilment that volunteering brings to me."
Lifeafterhummus is a food bank organization which operates by collecting surplus food products from 45 supermarkets from around the Borough of Camden, London and individual donations, with the help of over 50 local volunteers.
"It is an exciting challenge!"
On the 20th of May, the Petrie Museum, a part of UCL Museums, hosted a workshop for children called ‘What’s in a Name?’, where young children were invited to learn how to write their name in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics by creating a clay i