Volunteering and your career development
Volunteering can help individuals develop transferable skills and build networks, thereby improving an individual's employability and increasing their chances of obtaining a dream job.
"It was a joy to meet and work alongside people from different degrees and study levels. The feeling of achieving a goal where each team member contributed was terrific."
Peng Peng Chen is a UCL BSc Geography student and took part on the week-long UCL Charity Consultancy Challenge.Tell us a little about your volunteering
"...This will be a legacy that can continue over time"
Kelly, from Thames Reach, gives us some insight into her experience working with the Student-Led Project (SLP) Open Space Redevelopment.
'The classic argument is that volunteering makes you feel good and I couldn’t agree more.'
Leonie Hellwich is studying Psychology and volunteers at The Kids Network.
Looking Back at the Volunteering Awards
The 2022 Volunteering Awards......a major success, if we do say so ourselves! We got to recognise the hard work and effort from countless UCL volunteers, partner organisations, student-led projects, and more.
SDG#13 Climate Action, #14 Life below Water, and #15 Life on Land
The sustainable development goals are for people and planet and June is all about the planet. The Earth sustains us through maintaining a fragile and delicate balance between life on land, below water, and human activity.
Our Favourite Moments of the Year: 28 Days of Sustainability - it's time to make #ChangePossible
Our Favourite Moments of the Year: 28 Days of Sustainability - it's time to make #ChangePossibleSustainable UCL has organised the 28 Days of Sustainability campaign to draw atten
"We really could not do it without the volunteers, they are our biggest asset"
We had a lovely chat with Edward from StreetDoctors about their partnership with one of UCL's Student-Led Volunteering group: StreetDoctors UCL.
"It was lovely to see the interaction between the students and the older people, the patience shown by the students, and their understanding..."
We recently spoke with Andrew, from Holborn Community Association, about their work with the Student-Led Project: DanceIt!
"It's been wonderful to work with students who just want to make the world a bit of a better place"
It was great speaking with Nele, from Anthony Nolan, about their experience working with UCL Marrow this year, she had amazing input about the volunteers' impact on their organisation!
"If I was in that position, I would want someone to help me"
Tasia-Jade is a first-year undergraduate law student. She volunteered last year for St.
SDG#16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
We have talked about why peace, justice, and strong institutions are important last December, but in light of recent events including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ongoing violence in the West Bank, or the worsening treatment of women in Afgh
"We found the volunteers were really engaging and friendly, really prepared..."
We had a lovely talk with Alfie from Hammersmith Academy. He shared their experience working with the Student-Led Project "UCL Next Top Doctor".
Summer one-off volunteering – funding opportunity
We’re on the lookout for one-off volunteering for UCL students to do over the coming summer.To help get some events off the ground, partners can apply for up to £250 funding to hold a one-off volunteering event for UCL students to get involved with.
Summer Volunteering 2022
In London this summer? So are we! Why not try a bit of volunteering?
"A role like that requires you to step up and take action which builds your confidence."
Farihah Haroon is a second year student studying MSci Psychology. Read on to find out how she stepped out of her comfort zone to help her community.
Mental Health Awareness Week and Volunteering
What is Mental Health Awareness Week?This week from 9-15 May is Mental Health Awareness Week, and the official theme is “loneliness.” We’ve all learned
"It allows you to contribute to something great, which will make you feel good about yourself"
Cristina is a first-year student pursuing a BA degree in Media. She volunteered for the role of Video Editing Online Educational Resource for Orwell Youth Prize Entrants at The Orwell Foundation. Read on to find out more about her experience!
We thought global warming would be the most relevant topic and it is the most debated topic in our daily lives.
I met the lovely Wong U Sin who studies biomedical sciences, and Hei Chan, who studies pharmacology at UCL to speak about their roles as Project Leaders for the Student-Led Project 'Extracurricular Day Project'.
Alumni Stories - Katie Hodgkinson
Katie studied Medicine at UCL, graduating in 2019, and now works in the NHS. We recently caught up with her to talk about all things volunteering.Where are you currently working and/or volunteering?