What is the Student Sustainability Council?

The Sustainability council gives students an opportunity to have a say in UCL’s sustainability vision. It aims to ensure that the projects and policies run by Sustainable UCL and the Student Union have a meaningful positive impact on people and planet from a student perspective. 

How does it work?

Each term the council meets once. Sustainable UCL and the Students Union will present their projects and policies on a specific topic such as sustainable travel, food choices, or societies to the council. Members will then have the opportunity to give their opinion on wether they think it is a useful initiative, ask questions and propose how it could be improved. In addition, members will be able to present their own project and policy ideas for UCL to consider taking on.

We want to know what you think would make UCL a more sustainable university and how we can get there!

After each meeting the Sustainability Officer and the Union Affairs officer take the outcomes of the meeting to the UCL Sustainability Steering Group which has a mixture of professional and academic staff with expertise and interest in sustainability. Here proposals are amended and ratified. All progress on proposed policies and changes is reported back to the council at their next meeting.

To make the sustainability council accessible to more students, council members will also help lead an additional student-only session. This session will be open to all UCL students and provide a space to discuss Sustainable UCL and Student Union proposals as well as brainstorm own initiatives. 


The council includes 20 student members who will be expected to attend 3 council meetings throughout the year, one in each term. Meetings will be 2 hours long. Members should engage with the information about projects and policies sent out prior to the meeting and be prepared to participate in councils by putting forward ideas and opinions on both UCL’s and the Union’s sustainability policies.

 Key dates

• Applications open September 15th

• Applications close October 22nd

• Members will be chosen by the 20/21 sustainability council.

• Successful applicants will be notified on October 25th

• Council dates: November 16th 2021, February 1st 2022, April 21st 2022

• Student-only council date : February 2022, during 28 day of Sustainability (date tbd)

Meetings will be chaired by the Sustainability Officer.

How to apply

Please fill out this application before October 22nd:

Council Meeting Minutes