How do I call a Referendum?

If you believe all students should vote on an issue or recall a Sabbatical Officer you must first submit a valid petition: 

How many signatures do I need? 

1. A petition calling for a vote of no confidence in a Sabbatical Officer requires 1% of the membership to sign for it to be valid. 

2. A petition calling for a referendum for all students to vote on an issue requires 1% of the membership to sign for it to be valid. 

You can send us an email at [email protected] to confirm the membership number and the exact figures required. 

What are the petition requirements? 

Student signatures must include:

  • Full Name
  • UCL Email address
  • Student UPI (found on their ID card) 

Signatures will not be validated if their name, email address and UPI is not present or eligible. 

You must also include the reason for calling for the vote of no confidence and the question to be posed to students for an issue based referendum. 

How can I submit my petition? 

Please submit digital petitions (scan any paper copies) and email to [email protected].

Where can I see results of previous Referenda?

Previous referenda results can be found here. 

Further information

If you would like any support with submitting your petition or anymore information about referenda please email our team at