Brand new for the 2023/24 academic year, we will be sharing who has been nominated as the Student Officer of the Month.

Student Officers are student volunteers that work part-time to represent groups of students at UCL. If you would like to find out who your Student Officers are for the 2023/24 academic year please click here.

Student Officer of the Month
Manaal Tariq

The fourth Student Officer of the Month is Manaal, your International Students' Officer. As the International Students' Officer, Manaal is here to make the transition process smoother for international students, improve the support offered before and after starting at UCL, be an active advocate for international students’ welfare and views to heighten and embrace the spirit of cultural diversity.

Since commencing her role in July 2023, Manaal has:

  1. "Represented the Students’ Union and the international student perspective at the EU Youth Conference, a space to facilitate policy dialogue. (
  2. Ran a mentorship scheme in August and September for incoming students to answer their questions about UCL, connect them to the correct people, and ease transition. 
  3. Worked with the International Students Experience team to review student researcher findings about welcome week and enable maximum international student involvement. 
  4. Set up a help desk at the Welcome Fair for signposting students and to simplify UCL resources for them. 
  5. Created the role of regional representative volunteers from scratch. This allows me to get feedback on concerns of students from different regions across the globe and cater to specific interests and issues. We have also conducted successful forums or discussion zones to highlight matters of importance. 
  6. Visited Northern Ireland as part of the Impartial Chairs Disagreeing Well Program to promote open discourse and better chair sensitive discussions as part of my role.
  7. Now actively planning the International Festival with multiple events and activities lined up!"

She has been nominated for this award because:

Manaal has developed a Regional Representative volunteer position and has recruited 11 students to support her in gathering feedback on the international student experience. I have been so impressed with her dedication to making this work and how passionate she is about supporting students. She has also been so engaged in all of her responsibilities as a Student Officer, and I feel that she is very deserving of this award as a recognition for all of her hard work.

She has also been such a pleasure to work with and always ensures that international student views are advocated for at the policy Zones.

Congratulations Manaal - Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to your role!

If you would like to nominate a Student Officer for the February award then you have until Friday 23 February 2024 to send in your nomination here