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The Remuneration Committee is responsible for considering the remuneration of the Chief Executive and Sabbatical Officers, and proposals regarding broader staff remuneration.

The committee will:

  • Recommend and monitor the level and structure of remuneration for the Chief Executive and Sabbatical Officers.
  • Oversee any major changes in employee remuneration and benefits structures throughout the Union.
  • Have authority to commission any reports or surveys which it deems necessary to help fulfil its obligations.
  • Report to the Board of Trustees (Union Council and Finance Committee where appropriate), through submission of the minutes for each meeting of the Committee.


  • Chair of the Board of Trustees (Chair)
  • Union Chair
  • Two External Trustees appointed by the Board of Trustees

In attendance shall be:

  • Chief Executive, where appropriate

Chair: Carol Paige, Democracy, Operations & Community Officer

Upcoming Remuneration Committee Meetings: 




Previous Minutes : 

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