Refunds for club/society memberships

Sometimes things don't go to plan, and you might find that you no longer have the time to take part in a club or society, or you may find that events don't fit with your schedule. We're happy to support with offering refunds for club/society memberships if this is the case. 

In the first instance, please contact the club or society president to discuss further. It may be that the group is able to offer you further information, or has alternative events coming up which you can get involved with. 

If you decide you would like to go ahead and request a refund, please submit our online Refund Request Form.

We will then contact the club/society on your behalf, and refund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Once approved, the Union Finance Team will pay the refund directly to the bank account you purchased membership/ticket with. 


We take any complaints regarding our clubs and societies very seriously. If you wish to make a complaint about how you have been treated by a member of a club or society or about the activities a club or society is undertaking, please contact [email protected] for clubs and [email protected] for societies.


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