Elected student officers are voted in by you and can also be voted out by you. If you feel that an elected officer has done something which warrants no longer holding their position you can call for a vote of no confidence. 

First, determine whether the officer is a sabbatical officer (full-time) as the procedures vary slightly for part-time officers. 

Sabbatical Officer No Confidence Procedure

1. Petition: First, you need to state your reasons for why you wish to call a no confidence vote for a Sabbatical Officer on a petition. This needs to be signed by at least 1% of all Students' Union Members. Once we've verified the signatures, a referendum vote will take place. 

2. Referendum: Voting will open and at least 5% of the Students' Union membership must cast a vote. This means you should try and reach as many students across UCL as possible.

3. Majority Vote: A 75% majority vote is required for the vote of no confidence to be implemented 


Non-Sabbatical Officer No Confidence

1. Petition: You will need to outline your reasons on why you want to call for a no confidence vote for a student officer.  You need other students to sign on to your petition of no confidence. The minimum number of signatures required will vary by position. This is set at 25% of the votes cast in the election for that position. See previous election results to determine this. For example, the position of Community Relations Officer had 2,361 total votes cast. Therefore the petition threshold is set at 590. 

Please note that voter restrictions apply to petition signatories as well. For example, students must self identify or be eligible to vote in the position to sign a no-confidence petition. For example, only society members could sign a No Confidence petition for the Societies' Officer. 

2. Vote: A no confidence vote will take place once petition signatures are validated. A simple majority vote is required, however a minimum number of student votes is required for the vote to be considered valid. This is matched at the total number of votes cast for the position.

Likewise, only students eligible to vote for the position are eligible to vote for no confidence.