Get to know Darcy

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What made you want to be a Sabbatical Officer? 

I’ve had a truly enriching experience by engaging in various events on campus, but I've noticed a lot of my fellow postgraduates are largely unaware of the resources available to them.

Seeing the challenges PG students face both in their studies and daily lives, I felt and continue to feel driven to make a difference. I hope to empower students, ensuring they have the best learning experience at UCL.

What impact would you like to have as a Sabbatical Officer?

I want to encourage more students who normally do not engage in events, clubs, or societies to be fully involved, enjoying exploring new field and interests.

I want to enhance the language support resources available for students. I also want to roll out upskilling events and experiential learning opportunities to boost transferable, employable skills,

I also want to bring more alumni networking events to the table.

I also plan to ensure students know their voices are heard and that me and my fellow Sabbatical officers are approachable and connected with the student body.

What do you wish you’d known about UCL before you started?

Always ask for support if you need. UCL has a great support system is in place. Sufficient support is available - well-being support, mental health support, academic writing support, financial support, transition support, you name it. If there's something you need that isn't already offered, you can always just ask for it.

Favourite London area to live/to eat/to socialise?

Camden Market is absolutely my go-to place for kicking back outside of grinding for my studies. It's only a 30-minute walk from the main campus, where you can grab a boba tea and some street food.

After picking up some goodies, you can take a 20-minute stroll to Primrose Hill for a picnic, enjoying the London skyline in a gentle breeze!