Project Active offers UCL students a wide range of beginner friendly opportunities to be active, try something new, meet new people, have fun and be healthy!


What are the benefits of working with Project Active?


  • Engaging more students in your activity and reaching a wider audience for your club
  • Support with organising activity to help society members to be more physically active
  • Increasing awareness, membership, and participation opportunities  
  • Engaging with specific student groups i.e. females or students with a disability. 
  • Staff support                             

What do I do next?

Come up with an idea and Complete the Project Active Event/Activity proposal form (You'll need to log in first!).

Events/activities should fit into the overall objectives of Project Active

  • to encourage more students to take part in physical activity,
  • to engage with hard to reach groups i.e. non-active students, females, post-graduates and students with a disability. 


Once your proposal has been submitted we will be in touch to discuss the details. 

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information on your activity/event proposal please contact Bikram Bains

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