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BUCS & LUSL teams and leagues

If you wish to increase (or reduce) the number of teams your club has in BUCS or LUSL leagues then you must make a request to Student’s Union UCL by 30 April each year. Requests should be sent by email to and must contain supporting evidence which shows your club can maintain an additional team. Factors to consider: Membership, finance and facilities (both for playing and training). You should have previously discussed the proposed changes during a development meeting with the Sports Development Coordinator or they will not be considered.

Please note: If a team has conceded any walkovers during the course of the BUCS season, TeamUCL staff & officers will make a decision on whether that team will be re-entered for the following year.

BUCS Individual Championships and one-off events

Please read the How to guide to entering a team into a BUCS Individual Championship event.

For one off BUCS tournaments and championships for individuals, clubs must make entry requests at least 2 weeks prior to entry deadline and must provide the Union with all required entry information by the deadline provided by the Sports Administrator (usually 1 week or more before the BUCS website deadline). Deadlines and entry information can be found under your sport specific page on the BUCS website.  Entry requests for each competition should be emailed to the Sports Administrator in a single email from the Club President or Treasurer only. 

It is the responsibility of the Club President and Treasurer to make all club members aware of the BUCS event relevant to their sport. It is also the responsibility of the President & Treasurer to verify that each entrant is both a paid club member and eligible to compete i.e. a registered UCL Student.

  1. Email your entry information to the Sports Administrator by the deadline set by the Sports Administrator (no less than 1 week before the BUCS deadline).  You must list entry information on the template provided by the Sports Administrator. Always list your entries in ranked/preferred order.
  2. Wait for BUCS to confirm the accepted entries.
  3. Book travel and hotel accommodation. Travel for BUCS competitions is reimbursed using the travel reclaim form at the rate of a young person’s railcard holder. Student’s Union UCL will contribute £25 per person per night where an overnight stay is necessary. If you believe it is cheaper to travel by coach or car then please email to request this in advance including any relevant quotes.

Where members are entered and fail to compete, all costs incurred against those members (travel, entry fees, fines etc) will fall to the club to pay. This does not apply in the case of injury (where the individual concerned can produce a medical certificate).

Non-BUCS/LUSL competitions

For any tournaments or championships held by organisations other than BUCS or LUSL you must first seek approval by Student’s Union UCL to enter. All entry information should be emailed to at least two weeks prior to entry deadline.

If your sport is not currently part of LUSL but you think it should be, take a look at this information on how to become part of the league.