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Priorities for the Provost: SIX

Improve support for International Students to match our status as London’s Global University.

Address the imbalance in value for money and support received between international students and UK students. We should work to make accessing funding easier and focus on welcoming international students back to UCL as we recover from Covid-19. Help ensure that we are the best university in the world for international students to achieve their potential.

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Priorities for the Provost: ONE

Prioritise personalised teaching and extra-curricular activity post-pandemic.

Face-to-face teaching should return as soon as possible as we recover from the pandemic, whilst the many benefits of digital teaching are retained. There should be a focus on a quick return to face-to-face social and extra-curricular activity, as well as necessary support to expand and grow participation in these areas.

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Priorities for the Provost: THREE

Tackle the structural inequalities at UCL and ensure that our university is truly diverse and inclusive.

Continue the work to make UCL more inclusive, decolonise its curriculum and estate, improve the diversity of professors, lecturers and postgraduates who teach, improve the accessibility of the campus for disabled students, and support our LGBTQ+ students and staff.

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