Nominations: Nominations closed

Voting: Voting closed (Wednesday 23/11/2022 - 17.00)

On Monday 24 October, University and College Union (UCU) members confirmed that industrial action will take place in the 2022-23 academic year. This is a national dispute between UCU members and university employers. Industrial action is likely to take two forms, strikes by UCU members and ‘action short of a strike’ which is likely to include a marking boycott in 2023, potentially affecting examinations and assessments.

UCU have confirmed that strike action will take place on 24 November, 25 November and 30 November. 

The Union are holding a referendum which all students are eligible to vote in. Students will be asked 'What position should the Students' Union take in relation to planned UCU industrial action?' and be given the option to 'Support' or 'Oppose'. Students will also be given the option to 'Abstain'. 

The result will be announced on Wednesday 23 November at 17:30. If you have any questions regarding the referendum, please contact [email protected].

More information about the industrial action, including reasons to support and oppose industrial action can be found here.