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Madeleine Tron

Hi everyone,

I’m Madeleine, I’ll be in third year next year, majoring in Science and Engineering. I am applying for the position of charity rep. I am really motivated and passionate to occupy this function. I have many projects that I didn't get the time to implement this year (as my focus had to be on some ball and boat party ;)). Indeed, I was lucky to be elected President, last year and I would love to continue being a part of our committee. Thanks to my experience in this position, I am able carry out projects efficiently. I count on our recent affiliation to the student union, to take on bigger projects and events next year.

If elected, I would like to set up a collaboration between the Arts and Sciences society and a charity of your choice (votes will be organized) for which we would work all year long by directly volunteering or organizing fund-raising events and where BASc students will have the opportunity to participate as often as they wish. This would allow students to gain experience in the charity sector whilst being truly impactful in their efforts.

I will aim to start the project as soon as the year begins to make sure we have enough time to make a real difference and not let our efforts go to waste.

I sincerely believe that a collaboration with our young and dynamic community could have an amazing effect on the cause we choose.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with me to ask me any questions about my ideas by contacting me at [email protected]