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Date count run27 May 2022
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Evie S Stevens [10648]23.00
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Winner is Evie S Stevens [10648].


Evie S Stevens

Hi, my name is Evie! I am a first year philosophy student at Ifor. I joined ACS because it allowed me to gain a sense of community in a new and intimidating environment, I would like to be ACS Welfare officer in order to provide ACS members with the same sense of security with which I was provided.

I have been passionate about mental health awareness and welfare for most of my life - in secondary school I assisted in the running of the Big Sister Programme, and in sixth form I conducted my EPQ Research about mental health in BAME communities; I aimed to understand the stigmas surrounding the expression mental health in BAME communities, and particularly how these are impacted by an individual’s gender, ethnic background, and sexuality.

As the Welfare Officer I aim to:

- improve the current family mentorship scheme, in order to better aid freshers with their  transition in higher education.

- run a series of discussion based events which encourage open and safe conversation concerning welfare.

- continue to run wind-down events which allow ACS members to relax together, decreasing student stress and improving student satisfaction.

It would be an honour to be UCL ACS’ next welfare officer.