Current Campaigns

Save our Pool

Help us save the swimming pool in the Student Central building, a vital resource for students in London.

Birkbeck University is finalising the purchase of the lease on the Student Central building from the University of London. The University of London has now told students that the swimming pool and gym will be closing permanently.

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Past Campaigns

Decolonise UCL

Buildings all over our campus are named after eugenicists who today we would call white supremacists.

These figures forwarded their respective disciplines of archaeology, statistics and biometry by dehumanising and experimenting on those who were not racialised as white. Their ideologies are far reaching and have strong connections to Nazism and British colonialism through Churchill.

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Meat Free Mondays

Meat Free Mondays is a campaign that encourages everyone to go meat-free for one day a week. The impact this has on our individual carbon footprints is significant. 

In March 2015, following encouragement from students, UCLU adopted the Meat Free Monday policy and as of April 2015, UCLU cafes became completely meat-free every Monday. We will also continue to encourage UCL to adopt the policy and so far, have seen it adopted by some halls and canteens at the university.

Pride in Team UCL

Pride in Sport is a joint campaign between TeamUCL and the LGBT+ Network, aiming to tackle Homo/Bi/Trans-Phobias in sports, and create a welcoming environment for anybody to participate in the sports community at UCL regardless of gender or sexuality.

The campaign focuses on changing attitudes amongst current members, through providing training to club leaders on ensuring their activities are accessible, and through this training Clubs can earn a Pride in Sport Accreditation. Accredited clubs will be allowed to use the Pride in Sport badge on their webpages, kits and any other marketing to signpost their inclusivity.

Part of this pledge requires that each club nominates a representative who will receive training on both ensuring that their activities are accessible, and on how to deal with any complaints.

This representative’s purpose is to be the dedicated point of contact for any person, either within or outside the club, to discuss the club’s accessibility and to take any complaints should they arise. They are trained in handling these complaints, and will know the system for escalating any issues, if this is required.