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Help us save the swimming pool in the Student Central building, a vital resource for students in London.

Birkbeck University is finalising the purchase of the lease on the Student Central building from the University of London. The University of London has now told students that the swimming pool and gym will be closing permanently.

The Student Central building is a key facility for all students in Bloomsbury and London and the pool is a unique facility used by thousands of students. The pool is the largest in central London and closing the facility will hit students and the local community hard. Clubs that use the pool provide opportunities for students to find a community, develop, compete, and improve their mental health through physical activity - these clubs are now left without a home. The pool is used by clubs in the local community too, staff across the University of London and people of all backgrounds who enjoy swimming.

When so much effort is spent improving the health and wellbeing of people in our community of universities and beyond, removing this precious resource comes as direct opposition to the values and mission of the University of London. Namely, to enable social good, to transform people’s lives through education, and to strengthen bonds across regional, national, cultural, economic and political boundaries.

Join us in our call to SAVE OUR POOL and keep it open for students, staff and the local community. 

Use #SaveUoLPool on Twitter or Instagram, and follow our campaign account SaveUoLPool. Tag us @TheUnionUCL on Twitter, and @studentsunionucl on Instagram, and remember to tag @BirkbeckUoL and @UoLondon too.

We've now sent the open letter and signatures below to the leadership of Birkbeck and the University of London.

You can still add your name below, or alternatively, sign a London-wide petition to save the pool and wider facilities.

Add your name to help save the pool

On submitting this form, your name and study details will be published on Save our pool

Signed by

Name University name (if student or alumni) or community user Subject (if a student or alumni) Year of study (or year of graduation if alumni)
Jerry h Community pool user
Deirdre Pavey
Dave Nyman Brunel University Electrical Engineer 1972
Pollyanna Cohen UCL Medicine 2018
Catalina Mastac UCL student 2
Marco Moraes LSE International Relations 2009
Laura Benton UCL
Anna Clarke Birkbeck Philosophy 3
Jennifer Marchant Agustus UCL Neuroscience 2011
Giles TURNER Imperial College Mechanical Engineering 1991
Patrick Haggard
Michael Sanders English Literature 1997
Joe Farrington UCL Machine Learning/AI-enabled healthcare 2018 - present
Vizyandan Vijayakumar
Petra Chong UCL 2021
Charlie Campbell Birkbeck and LSE Birkbeck MA Year 2
Oliver Bradley UCL Biological Sciences 2021
Julian Browning UCL Anthropology 2019
Rafe Jeune UCL Geography 2005
Charalambos Demetriou University college London Genetics 2010
Christopher Guyver
Miles Irving UCL/SOAS ALUMNI ongoing
Rosie Hardy UCL staff
Katie Tiley Community pool user
Jack Andrewson Community user
Martyn Hine
Ivan Nemsic UCL Alumni 2015
K Baev-Stokmayer UCL Alumni 2015
Richard Potter Warwick student - used for tournaments
Elena Fumagalli UCL, visiting student, Economics 2006
Helen Rendle Institute of Education, UCL Education 1985
Chris McKenna Community pool user
Kazumi Taguchi SOAS Study of Religions 2019
Thereza Reis SOAS Staff
Steven Hurford Community user
David Heymann UCL Employee 2017- current
Devon Anthony UCL Pharmacy 2011
Muge Karan UCL Psychology 1st
Elina Jacobs UCL Neuroscience PhD 2018
Saachi Pahwa UCL computer science student 2
Rosie McKenna Birkbeck University MA contemporary history and politics 2019 - 2021
Željka Oparnica History 4
Liang-Yu Lin LSHTM Student 2018
Ahmad Shukri Al Hilmi UCL Alumni 2018
Barbara Gougoulis LSHTM
Ilya Tarotin UCL Medical Physics 2019
andrew gardiner Goldsmiths Fine Art 1996
Zoe Nicolas UCL STUDENT 2018-2022
George Hale UCL Economics 2
Benjamin Drewett UCL Education 3
Saachi Pahwa UCL student Student 2023
Phil Gregg Birkbeck
Leonard Frach UCL Psychology 2020
Ian Grant Community use
Phil Harvey Birkbeck Psychotherapy & Counselling 2020
Eric Boldon Community Pool User
Richard Aldridge kings Alumni 2002
Philip Rico Community User
John Weller
Shambhavi Banerjee UCL Medicine 2021
Andy Burton
Ivana Jovanovic UCL Archaeology PhD passed the viva
Oliver Grieve UCL Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies 2011
Will Kook Community Pool User
Katerina Zacharopoulou UCL Architecture 2nd
Sarah Buckland
Louise CObb
Alice Goudie UCL Geography 2012
Tobias Goodwin-Allcock UCL Medical physics 3
Carla Petrini
Sarah Gibbs Birkbeck University Japanese Studies 2020-present
Miriam Campbell UCL Dutch with Scandinavian Studies 1995
Lujia Zhang UCL
Muthukrishnan Venkatesh Community Pool User
Nelly community user
Caroline Robinson-Day SOAS student SE Asian Politics (MA) 2004
Laura Hennelly
Lisheng Zhang UCL alumni 2020
Jennie-Claire Perry Courtauld Institute of Art History of Art 1998
Alexander Schuckert UCL Alumni 2016
Andrew Mills
Sue Godsell Birkbeck Alumna and ex-staff
Neil Rogers Goldsmiths, UoL BA Communications 2000
Valerio Ferracci UCL Chemistry 2012
Johnny Glover UCL Staff N/A N/A
Kate Purcell UCL Library Studies 2000
Tomasz Kubaszczyk Birkbeck 2024
Ke Zheng Zheng Community user Alumni 2020
Mel Parker Middlesex University
Michael Pountney Michael Pountney
John Braime UCL staff
Cynthia Allen Students' Union UCL
Henry Warne UCL Staff
Joanna Socha UCL MSc Bioarchaeological and Forensic Anthropology 1
James Bingham Students' Union UCL Staff N/A
Anna Rosen Community pool user
Charlotte Kyle
Arvin BBK Student 2021
Alice Ivell Birkbeck College Geography and International Development 2020
Alissa Simon Community pool user
Mark McKendrick Conmmunity user
Joshua Stones RVC Veterinary graduate 2021
Teresa Macey-Dare UCL Philosophy BA Year 1
Viktoria Vafeiadi-Bila
David Creek
Paulette van Bergen Birkbeck History 2004
Peter Connolly Birkbeck alumni 2015
Lauren Megan Roberts-Turner SOAS Economics Starting undergraduate in September
Harpreet Virk UCL PGCE English 2018
Alexandra Woodman UCL Alumni 2017
Ellie UCL Medicine 2
Georgios Ketsopoulos UCL Law 2016
Gill Russell UCL Geography. Town Planning. 1979
Alex Brown SOAS Alumni 2015
Tegan Carter UCL French and Italian 2020
Chris Russell UCL and Queen Mary commit vision postdoc till 2017
Bethan Critchley UCL Student 2
Kabalan Gaspard Pool user
Karl Schooling Community Pool User
Norman Donachie
Pelayo Mendez LSE Economics 2013
Oliver Wilson UCL Civil Engineering 2014
Annabel Butler UCL Medicine 1
Fabian UCL Alumni 2021
Kulsoom Mohsini Birkbeck Law 1st
Kulsoom Mohsini Birkbeck Law 1st
Christian Rottwinkel lse alumnus 2012
Arianna Buratto UCL
Maria Artamonova KCL Neuroscience 2
Oliver Tang Birkbeck Alumni 2015
Charlie Nevile Birkbeck Counselling 2020- current student
Andreas Panagiotou Birkbeck Philosophy 4th
merlin williams UCL Neuroscience 3
Lei KCL Music 2014
B A Winslow Birkbeck Modern Languages 2020
Jonty Baker Kcl Maths 2nd
Thomas Hall City, University of London Business Computing Systems 2016
David Reeds
Roy Adlam
James Murray UCL Geography 2011
tilly RVC student 2023
Henry MacNaughton Ucl and community user Alumni 2013
Aaron Eveleigh UCL Mechanical Engineering 2016
Jane Leighton UCL Psychology 2007
Ashley Bertholf UCL Student 2020-2021
Tom JUNGBLUTH LSE Student First Year
Tom JUNGBLUTH LSE Student First Year
Rob Liddiard UCL Research staff
Rammy el UCL Architecture 2009
Kalle Uusitalo Alumni Affiliate Member / Honorary Lifetime Member Alumni Alumni
Vanessa Burini RVC - member of LUST London University Swimming Team Veterinary Science 2019
Sarah Lewis Royal veterinary college Student 2023
Jack Crompton UCL Medicine 4
Matti konsala UCL Msc fin 2015
James O'Brien Queen Mary Alumni 2008
Zuzana Nikodemová UCL Student 2nd
Matt Henderson
George Ponodath UCL Medicine Year 1
Joshua Bamford UCL Biological Sciences 2016
Joe Qiu
Leonard Hodges Ucl History 2014
Ayla Olson Birkbeck Law 2Y
Jasper Chou UCL Biochemical Engineering 1
Laurence Steinpress UCL MSc Physics student 1st (of 2)
Oscar Bell UCL BA Modern Languages (French & German) Final year (4)
Sephora Madjiheurem UCL Student 2017
Daniel Bloomsbury Institute Alumni 2021
Aoife Sadlier Community pool user
Greg Hodson UCL
K Witts QMUL Medicine 2nd
Jerry H Community user
Natasha styles UCL Geography 2995
Kate Wilcox UoL staff
Michael Walsh Community Pool User
nikou ucl student 3
Daniel Cornell UCL Philosophy 2012
Heather White UCL PhD Student - Biosciences 4
Hollie Norman Alumni IOE UCL Alumni Alumni
Duncan KCL Physics 2021
Siena Mazzetti RVC Student Year 3
Awa Bousso DRAMÉ UCL PhD student 1st
Fabian Haas UCL MSc Entrepreneurship 2021
Mark C Ransley UCL Mechanical Engineering 2021
David Pérez-Suárez UCL
Alessandro UCL
Tuomas Koskela UCL ISD Staff
Jessie rVC Student Year 3
Hugh Pope UCL Anthropology 2013
Joe Barlow City University Law (BVS) PgDIP
Oskar Ucl Chemical engineering 3
Elan Mistry UCL Chemical Engineering PhD 1
Adryon Kozel UCL Anthropology PhD
Keelan Gervis UCL Social Policy and Social Research Postgrad
Karina Djelalian UCL Medicine 2020
Hannah Emerson UCL Chemistry 2014
Elena Kayayan UCL Biological Sciences 3
Lavinia Kadar KCL Biomedical Science 2nd year
Grace Bugden Brain and Mind Sciences First year (2020-2021)
Keith Chiu UCL Clinical Mental Health Sciences 1
Anna Mallucci UCL Medicine 1
Niccolo Salvatori King's College London Mathematics 2018
Rosalind Chaston Rosalind Chaston BASc 2019
Anna Heller-Szabó UCL Medical Sciences and Engineering 1
Hyuna UCL Student 2019-2023
Claire UCL
Adila UCL History 3
Jonny lse and community pool user Alumni 2010
Tiia Meuronen UCL Human-Computer Interaction 2019
Edward Hetherton UCL Geophysics 2013
Malina Bodea UCL BASc 3rd
M Yakovlev UCL BASc 2019
Moïse Mbarga-Abega UCL ESPS 4th
Maciej UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering 2
Ellena Nowell UCL Law 2016
Sam Powell UCL Physics 1
John Jones Community Pool User
Kate Harford UCL Archaeology, Classics, and Classical Art 2008
Karolina Svobodova UCL BA History of Art 2020
Sherri Wong Hearing UCL/SOAS Geography/Migration and Development 2013/2015
Maleeha Malik UCL Medicine Year 5
Hyunwoo Park IoE UCL Culture, Media and Education 2016
Nung Yang UCL Student Second year (postgraduate)
Christopher Burbeck Heythrop/IoE Philosophy, Religion and Ethics 2012
Joe Newbold UCL PALS Graduated 2019
Dominika Stawarz UCL Digital Anthropology 1
Alys Jones UCL Music Education 2021
Reka Berkes UCL Civil engineering 2018
Elin Lindelöw UCL Law 2020
Michael Walsh UCL Alumni Education Psychology 2017
Irene Sofia Olmi SOAS alumni keep the pool open! 2013-2019
Aziz Hakimi University college London PhD soil mechanics First
Wilson Chan UCL Alumni - Geography 2017
Helen Ng UCL Alumni - urban design and city planning 2018 and 2019 (BSc,Msc)
Paul butcher UCL & SOAS Alumni 1998 & 2007
Zak Bond UCL & ULU sports alumni Human Sciences 2014
Mathilde Montaigue student Student 2025
Alexander Schuckert UCL Alumni 2019
Thomas Crane UCL student 2022
Ella Crane UCL student 2022
Laura Cox RVC Alumni 2017
Ben Yusuf Royal Veterinary College (UoL) MSci Biological Sciences 2019
Tom Hedges QMUL Computer Science 2017
Lucas Gonsalez Pavesio UCL English Language and Literature 2nd
Miro ahmed RVC BVetMed 2016
Rebecca Greer RVC Veterinary medicine 2017
EM UCL Student 2023
Lily Winkler UCL Neuroscience 2
Kai Jenkins UCL
Alessandra Quigley UCL Natural sciences 2
Rupinder Sandal UCL Staff N/A
Laura Ihm UCL Applied Medical Sciences 3
Callum Wilson UCL Palaeoanthropology and Palaeolithic Archaeology 2020/21
EW UCL Student 1
Emma UCL PhD research first year
Elpis Koumioti UCL Spanish and History of art year 2
Magdalena Milanova UCL Neuroscience 2
Urja Thakrar UCL History 3
Lucy Newman UCL IOE PGCE RE 1
Daniella UCL Anthropology Third
Davina Puri UCL Medicine 4
Davina Puri UCL Medicine 4
Meltem Ozen UCL Audiological Sciences with clinical practice 1
Tsvetoslav Georgiev UCL Biodiversity and Conservation 2021
Jae Altham UCL Anthropology 2
Lola Haines Ucl Architecture 4
Anqi Tang UCL Student year 2
Oliver Tucker UCL Geography 2nd
Zahra UCL Psychology 1st
Maria Trikalioti UCL MSc Social Research Methods 1
Nelli UCL Student 3rd
Paul UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering 3rd
Sanjeev Lakhanpaul UCL Student 3rd
SamLam UCL Management Science Year 2
Simon Thompson UCL Neuroscience 4
Steve Naturist London
Dujanah Oulmane History 2020
Michael Fleetwood-Walker UCL Geography 3rd
German Alarcon UCL Student 2020
Guglielmo Ventura UCL Economics Post-graduate
Bahar Karimi King’s college london Middle Eastern studies 2021
Sophie Meyer community user
Beatriz Ramirez UCL Student 2021
Camille UCL Arts and Sciences 1
Stuart DeBoos LSE Alumni and past ULU trustee 1979
Mary Gearey SOAS International Development 2009
Kevin Ryan Community pool user
Noor KCL Law 3
Sovay Berriman
Laura A-S
Justin Blake
Catherine Urquhart
Zoe Chambers UCL Natural Sciences 2014
Gwen Birkbeck alumni 2018-2021
Michelle Kim UCL Chemical Engineering 2001
Joelle UCL Alumni 2015
Alexandar Marinov UCL Chemical Engineering 2nd PhD
Chris Dalton Community pool user
Sebastian Golat Imperial College London Theoretical Physics 2nd year PhD
Hana Joyce SOAS University of London BA History of Art 2011
Laila Gauhar LSE Student 1
Andrew Scoones
Asimina Marousi UCL Chemical Engineering 1st
Neal Skipper
Dan Davies UCL also community ITT 2017
Francesca Moorman UCL Conservation Master’s
Kevin Pettican Community user
Jaylen Simons KCL English 2
Csaba Kovács
Emma James Naturist London Women's Representative
Yannis New College of the Humanities Student 2021
Alicia Heaton UCL 2
Shangwei Zhou UCl PhD student 2020
Harry styles
edmund SAVORY Central Saint martins Architecture 2018
Daniella Stollery UCL Environment, Politics and Society 2021-23
Christopher Anetekhai UCL Medicine 4
Tai Joum Tan UCL Student 5
Rania UCL
Eva Sorensen UCL alumni 2011
Suviti Chari UCL student 2021
Julia Schumann UCL
Stefan Guldin UCL Chemical Engineering UCL Chemical Engineering (staff)
Nicole Watson UCL Energy Policy 2nd year PhD
Huw UCL Chemical Engineering 2023
Kofi Coke UCL Chemical Engineering 2020-2024
Toby UCL
Anand Pallipurath Radhakrishnan UCL
Jennifer Hack UCL Chemical Engineering 2021
Esther Osarfo-Mensah UCL Chemical Engineering 1st
Matteo Errigo UCL Chemical Engineering 1st
Antoniu Bjola UCL Chemical Engineering 2020
Maria Mourkou UCL PhD student 1st
Andrea Paulillo UCL Chemical Engineering 2018
Mohammad Alkhunaizi UCL Chemical Engineering 2017
Mohammad Alkhunaizi UCL Chemical Engineering 2017
Yang Lan UCL Chemical Engineering Staff
Kasia Tomczyk UCL
Kush Sharma UCL Save our pool 6
Clarissa Harmann UCL PhD Pharmacy 4th
Sayan Pal UCL
Dan Brett UCL Chemical Engineering Staff
Alberto Striolo UCL Academic
Emanuele Magliocca Ucl Chemical engineering 3rd
Aaron Wade UCL Student 3
Linlin Xu UCL Chemical Engineering 1st-year PhD
Prof. Paola Lettieri UCL
Rhodri Owen UCL Staff
Jude Ejeh UCL Alumni 2020
Simona Migliozzi UCL alumni 2021
Elias Galiounas UCL student 2020-2023
Nicole Barber UCL Primate Evolution Graduate student
Emily Baer UCL MSc Environment and Sustainable Development 2020-2021
Professor Marc-Olivier Coppens UCL Vice-Dean for Engineering (Interdisciplinarity)
Alkistis UCL
Victor Weber UCL Philosophy 2nd Year PhD
Claire Saunders UCL
Haroun Mahgerefteh UCL
Adam Cotterill UCL Earth Science 2
Charles Burridge UCL Life Science Graduate student
Panagiota Angeli UCL
Gyen Ming Angel UCL Student 4
tom miller Staff
Mark Buckwell UCL Medical Physics 2009
Georgios Gkogkos UCL PhD Chemical Engineering 3rd
hannah wood UCL and KCL Geography 2
Alex Dimitrijevic UCL Chemical Engineering PhD 3rd
Arthur Mitchell UCL 2019 2
Ji Hu University College London Chemical engineering 2 (Phd)
Billy Hue UCL Chemical Engineering 3
Telle Maukonen UCL
Haimiao Jiao UCL student Year 3
Robin Ramphal UCL
Randula karunarathna UCL Medicine Year 1
Francesco Pierangeli King’s College London Political Economy 2018-2022
Sam Glendennng UCL PPE 1
Thomas Ryan UCL Astrophysics 1
Zita Kalman University of London UoL employee n/a
Scott Community Pool User
Danielle Hewitt Architecture 3
Maria Hadzhieva UCL MSc International Public Policy
Dan Curtis Community User
Judith Ryan Community user
Debbie Woods Birkbeck Biochemistry 2
Helen Spriggs Birkbeck Data science
Dhruv UCL Alumni 2016
Jeremy Till University of the Arts London
Paul King UCL Architecture 5
Adam Edwards Birkbeck GIS MSc 2013
Zoe Zoe
Catherine Horwill Community pool user
Christina Thorp Goldsmiths PGCE 2014
Alice Ralston UCL Public Policy MSc
Chris Harrison UCL Alumni Computer science 1994
Lee Stokes Westfield College Physics 1985
Andrea Myers Ucl Perioperative Masters Year1
Ava UCL Built environment 2001
Alec Baker UCL MSc Machine Learning 2021
Juliette Saunders UCL Medicine 2
Sean Rutter
Edward Hodgkins UCL Community Pool User
Nick Caunt
Jon Lawton Community Pool user
Robert Cain University of Aberdeen Politics and International Relations 4
Sarah Wise birkbeck alumna 1996
Emma UCL Physics 2020 - 2024
Disa Witkowska UCL Language and Cognition Year 2 PhD student
David Shepherd History MA 2020
Lesley McFadyen Birkbeck
Hazim Hamdani UCL Chemical Engineering 1
Rob Gilbert
Oliver Peachey UCL Alumni 2010
Alex Wilcock
Manuel Kaiser Community pool user (Sunday naturist swim) Na
Simon Scott
Jacek Wardzala Community Pool User
Ben Noone Birkbeck Economics 2019
Carole Johnson UCL English Education 5
Dipa joshi UCL Bartlett Architecture 1994
George Hewson Community pool user
Elizabeth Dearnley UCL Alumni 2004
Michael Carter Imperial College Physics 1982
Penny Rapaport UCL Alumni 2018
Constance Handley UCL Education 1
Zikra Bouhafs Birkbeck University Student 1
Eleanor Ruskin UCL PGCE MFL 1
Matt Davies Birkbeck Philosophy 2020
Natasha Malik Former employee of Energybase (since 2004)
Marcus Wilcock UCL Mech Eng 2018
Hannah Thompson Birkbeck Food, politics and society 2020-2022
Jane Brocket Royal Holloway MA English 2004
Charlotte Morphet
Imogen Cowley UCL Mechanical Engineering MPhil/PhD 1
Hannah Boast
Sue Jones Birkbeck English 2021
Simon Joseph Shanks UoL Computing Science 1991
Siobhan Forshaw UCL Cultural Heritage 2019
Kate Franklin Birkbeck staff-- History Classics and Archaeology
Sefryn Penrose SOAS, also Out to Swim/London Orca Alum of SOAS Art History Graduated 2000
Sarah Eden UoL staff and community user of the pool, basketball court, and Energybase N/A N/A
Christopher Waters King’s College London Religion, Philosophy and Ethics 2016
Jasper Walker Community user
Giulia Lombardo UCL Alumni 2017
Chris Liddell Community pool user
M Hawkes UCL Student Final
Miss Abigail Sawyer
Barry Sykes
Joseph Bjelic-Webster Community member
Matthew Gillman
Katie UCL Staff Staff
Natasha Soliman UCL Global Health and Development one
Isobel Braithwaite UCL Medicine Graduated 2016
Gemma Ucl
Anne Laybourne UCL
Úna Haran UCL Architecture 2017 graduated
ian Brown
Dominic Howell
Bex Birkbeck Law 2014
Geoffrye Hood External London Physics 1969
Marianna Janowicz UCL MA Architectural History 1st
Mia Rafalowicz-Campbell UCL Urban Studies MSc 2019
Ben Clifford UCL
Henry Hunter UCL BA French and Spanish 1
Hazel Wilson Queen Mary Alumni - Geography 2017 year of graduation
JN Benjamin former SOAS staff
Ruth Lang Community pool user
Michael Upton Royal Holloway College Drama and Theatre Studies 1989
Geoff de Burca UCL Geography 1996
Craig Donachy Community
Dr David Lewis
Andrew Mills
Anita Lewton London university/ lsbu Tutor
Lucy Dearlove UCL French and German 2009
James Bainbridge
Caroline Edmonds Goldsmiths/UCL Psychology 1995/2001
Catherine Slessor Architectural History and Theory 2016
Conor McKeever UCL Chemistry 2012
Joseph Upstone Pool user
Melanie Smallman UCL
Matthew Gorrie Former community pool user
Shu En Lim UCL Natural Sciences 2019
Emma Payne UCL Archaeology 2017
Magnus Copps Community Pool User
Ines Hofer UCL Student 2020-2024
Alexsander Guimaraes UCL Mental Health 2014
Moritz Platt King’s College London Computer Science Research 2025
Parmal Ahmed UCL 2021
Xingyue Guo UCL student 2
Colin Allen Community pool user
kundu apurba LSE Government 1996
Antony Chew UCL Medicine 1
Richard Arnopp Community pool user
Dr Ralph Wilde LSE BSc(Econ) International Relations 1995
Martyn Wemyss Goldsmiths
Birsha Ohdedar Soas Alumni 2020
Kate UCL Alumni 2021
Aaryan Gulia University College London Theoretical Physics 2024
Paul Mayhook Community pool user
alfie vauvelle UCL alumni 2020
Oskar Lacina-Moser UCL Student 4
David John Simpson UCL Geography 2007
Jonathan Michael Stewart Davis Institute of United States Studies Area Studies - United States 1993
Jennifer Thomas Ucl Alumni 1980
Ayesha Sithirapathy King’s College London Medicine 3
Amanda Worth
Wan-Ting Hsu UCL Student 5
Thais Jones UCL History 1
Matt Lowe N/a N/a
Nancy Strang Birkbeck 2008
Alun Davey Birkbeck MSc Computer Science 2021
Gilbert Dowding UCL MSc Environment and Sustainable Development 2021
Emma UCL Alumni 2020
Benjamin Cooke
David McBay UCL & ICR Alumni 2020
Costante Bellettini UCL staff
Abdullah Ul-Haq UCL Student 2
Adam Louis UCL 2
Ashwin Caffery
David Reeds
Saiff Hamid UCL Physics 3rd Year
Youssra Elmagboul SOAS Development Economics 2018
Sylvia-Ann Dwen Sidney Webb School of Education Alumni 1981
Conny Community pool user
Maria Gabriela Villamizar Noguera University College London Translation MA 1
Miranda Critchley UCL Architectural History 5
Richard Moseley
A. Carmichael Community pool user
P Dowson Soas International politics MSc at Soas 2020 graduation
Diane Pearson Community Pool user
Kim Roper
Natasha Sturgess UCL Anthropology 2
Emma Holdsworth SOAS, University of London International relations and Japanese Second year undergraduate
Patrick Flynn King’s College London English 2018
Garance Lemarié UCL Astrophysics Bsc 1
Jade Nikoloff
Tomasz Kosmala KCL mathematics 2020
Mark Geller UCL professor
Avnishi Yallappa UCL Permanent Staff
Neil Hart UCL Education and international development 2021
Caitlin Evans King's college London BA pholosophy alumni 2016
Roisin mcnamara ucl MSc Environment and Sustainable Development 1 yr msc
Helen MacIntyre UCL Institute of Education PhD Education and Psychology Completing 2021
Andrew Dunning
Rhodri Jervis UCL Chemical Engineering Staff
Anna Tomaszewska UCL Chemical Engineering 2017
Oliver Day UCL Geography 2013
Nik CC Community
Lucy Fagan Community pool used
Jacob Dean
Shota Saito UCL Computer Science 2
Monica Ledezma Lara UCL Student MSc Global Health and Development 2021
Nicole Martin UCL
James Taylor
Temitope Fisayo KCL Medicine 2022
Shirley Yeung London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine alumni 2014
Zory Davoyan UCL Physics 2nd
Delia M Ucl Student 1
Rob Gardham
Clare Hewitt Ucl
Salman Siddiqui UCL Student 2017
Julian Hough Queen Mary University of London PhD Computer Science 2015
David G Hope KCL Classics 1985
Jill Pack Parent - my young children came to Sunday morning swimming club in the 1990s
Matthew Lee LSE Sociology Masters
Jozias Bailey-Sharam UCL Health Wellbeing and Sustainable Buildings MSc 2018
Lily G QMUL English Literature 2016
Elisa Mattiauda UCL Linguistics PhD 1st
Thomas Powell
Stella Ivaz Stella Ivaz
Thom White
Anna Tomaselli King's College London Physics and Philsophy second
Guglielmo Diamante Birkbeck Archaeology 1
Dave Shaw Community User
Yaya JI UCL Education 2020
Sally Stott
Sue Brunning UCL Alumni 2014
Rob Collis
David T
J Walk Community Pool User
Tom Byford
James Melly Community user since 2004
David Webb
Phillip Warburton Community
Camilla Lewis
Liam James
Rob Purle
Zoe Nicolas UCL Neuroscience 3rd year
Daniel Guidice
Daniel Guidice
Agathe Hellich UCL Arts and Sciences 4
Louis Community pool user
Raven Todd DaSilva UCL Archaeology 1
Stephe Meloy
Anna Pickles Harvey UCL MA Library & Information Studies 1
Charles Dawes English Literature 2000
Ann Jackson Birkbeck Philosophy 2008
Lu Xia UCL student MSc
Ran Sing Saw UCL Alumni 2018
Jonathan Wilden UCL Chemistry Staff
Katerina Foutaki Bartlett School of Architecture UCL Alumni 2019
Kevin Smith
Sandra Ballard Community user
Mitchell Drage UOL Student Central staff 2004- 2021
Leonid savchenko Ucl Neuroscince 2009
Greg Kretz
Quinnan Oldham UCL PGCE 1
VJ Energybase user
Tré Curran Community pool user
Zhuoying Chen UCL student 2021
Raychel Raycmonde UCL the slade school of fine art Fine art 1
Danai Markousi UCL BSc Biomedical Sciences 2021
Scarlett Baron UCL English Language and Literature University Staff - Associate Professor
Brenda francis Staff Energybase Assistant manager
Brenda francis Staff Enervybase Assistant manager
Jules Palayer
Jackie Middlesex Hospital Wastell 1992
Luis Carabantes UCL Education 2015-2020
Jocelyn Tiglao Community user
Danielle Elms community user
Alex Schmid LSE BSc Geography with Economics, MSc Local Economic Development 2019, 2020
Mohamed Orekan Community pool user
Agnieszka Kozak UCL Fitness instructor
James Long
Matthew Beaumont UCL
Danielle O’Brien
John Jones Community Pool User
Aly Community pool user
Simon To UCL Staff
Weiran Li UCL Documentary 2020
Esther UCL MSc Transformational Leadership 1
David Adams Community user Staff at UoL
Stuart Leckie Community pool user
Luca Gava Community Pool User
Melanie Graves dtnvmg5 PGCE English 1
François Guesnet University College London
Diana Gherghescu UCL Chemistry 2
Guy Phillips Guy Phillips Arts and Sciences Year 3
Boglárka Weisz UCL MSc Child and Adolescent Mental Health 2020-2021
Sarah Young UCL
Django Brito-Brito Community Pool User User
Amy UCL History 2018
Laura Dickens Birkbeck Law QLD 1
Rosie Karakusevic UCL Alumni 2019
Gardar Orn Gardarsson Dept. of EEE, UCL Student MSc, 1st, 2020-2021
Zulfi Hasan Imperial College and Queen Mary College - community user now Biochemistry snd Genetics 1996
Anthony Psaila Community
Patricia Barbora Sebikova UCL Anthropology 3
Rahul Sinha UCL Economics 2
Tehani Pendigrast UCL Education and international development 2020
Matthew Wilde UCL Natural Sciences 2016
Caitlin Wong UCL Architecture 1
Alicia walker UCL Medicine 1
Adriana cavanaugh Ucl Student 3
Mohammed Akbar Suleman UCL Student 4
Ali UCL Medicine 4
Marie Claire Fischer UCL Geography 2020
Marie Claire Fischer Femenias UCL Geography 2020
Fahd Qureshi UCL Biomedical engineering 3
Emily Vranch UCL Alumni 2019
Yan Tong UCL Ethnographic and Documentary Film 2021
Dhillon Selvarajah University College London Statistics 2
Dhillon Selvarajah University College London Statistics 2
Philip Ross
Selina Qing UCL Arts and Sciences 2nd
Giaan Kler Young UCL Chemistry 2
Rachel Hermer
Jamie Cresswell SOAS Religious Studies 1996
Lucrèce Cahill UCL Bsc Psychology 1st
Noé Michel Jean-Luc Marescq UCL student 1
Blanca Sanz UCL Medicine MBBS 5
Sophie UCL Comparative Literature 2
Maria Zelmanova UCL Student First
Monika Community user
Nicole Chong UCL Security and Crime Science 3
Pedro Tafur UCL Media First year
Caitlin Davies UCL Architecture 4
Kit Ucl Art 1
Sunkyu Han UCL Management Science 2
Neehal Savla UCL Pharmacy 3
Kirsty Sutherland UCL Anthropology 2018
Martin Young Queen Mary College, now QMUL LLB 1980
Yally Avrahampour LSE
henry mayhew UCL student 3
Robert Carruthers UCL Data Science and Machine Learning 2021
Maria UCL Computer Science 2020
Euan Allison UCL Philosophy 2nd year PhD
Weili Zhai UCL BSc Psychology 1
Emily UCL Law 1
Ell Welsford UCL History 3
Elisabeth Kappeler UCL BASc 2
Somar Albani UCL Medical School - and President of the RUMS Medical Students' Association Medicine 4th
Stefan Scott
Sophie Cooper UCL MedicalSciences and Engineering 2020
clare Wadlow UCL Medicine
L Elderfield UCL Nutrition and Medical Sciences 1st
Craig Painting community user
Rosa Caminal UCL Management Science 4
Patrick Roddy UCL Data Intensive Science 4
Taisha Blackwood UCL Philosophy Final Year
Ted Hope Naturist London
Martin Martin
Raphaëlle Martinez UCL Law First year
Charlotte Hartwig-Green UCL Language and Culture Second year
Rohan Kotecha UCL Biomedical Engineering 2
Michael Gray
Amber Jane UCL Arts and Sciences 3
Sofia Eleonora Rayneri UCL History and Politics of the Americas Second
Hugh McCarthy UCL Politics, Sociology and East European Studies Year 2
Eleanor Clarson UCL earth sciences 2nd year
Tamzin Tremain UCL Geography 1
Benjamin de Cherade Horswell UCL Student 1
Kimberley rubio UCL Engineering abs architectural design 3rd
Alex Perkins UCL Natural sciences 2
Alex Hill UCL Student 2021
Alex Parsons UCL Geophysics 2019
Daniel UCL Economics 2023
Sam van der Poel UCL Economics 1
Evan Lewis UCL History and politics of the Americas Second year
Harrison Knowles UCL Mathematics 2
Jevan Cousins UCL Natural Sciences 2
Dan Johnston UCL Architecture 4th year March
Luke Williams UCL Mechanical Engineering 2021
Andrew Zhou UCL Chemistry 2nd Year
Warwick Harris Community Pool User
Costanza fisogni UCL isps 2
Hugo Neely UCL Natural Sciences 3
Paul Ho UCL Electronic and Electric Engineering 2018
J K Tang UCL Computational Finance PG
Adam Lynes UCL Architecture 2
Margot UCL Politics 2021
Yvonne Langkamer IOE UCL Applied Linguistics 2018-2023
Fahim UCL Ulumni 2016
Georgie Baldwin Burchell Georgie Baldwin Burchell Teach First PGDE 1
Nikolaos Zavitsanos City university of London Student 2021
James Thompson Ancient World Studies 2020
Jerzy Szczerba UCL Architecture 2
Matilde Trilli UCL Mechanical engineering 2024
Aure Meyer UCL Social sciences 1
Andrew Conway
Weronika UCL Law finalist
Iain Welch
James Newitt Queen Mary University History and Politics 2017
Catrin UCL Comparative Literature 2019
Nick Kennerley Nick Kennerley History 1976
Jaimie Leung UCL Student Year 1
Kate UCL Modern languages 2
Daria Chernysheva UCL Student 1st
Nicola Symeonides UCL Sport and medical sciences 1
Pippa University College London Russian Studies 2021
Emma Murphy UCL Student 3rd
Laura Dell Antonio UCL Biochemistry 2020
Anna Glaser UCL Modern Languages 4th year
Catherine Mak UCL Alumni 2015
James Meade UCL History 2nd year
Rebecca Moore UCL History 2
Zain Piracha UCL Student Second Year
Zain Piracha UCL Student Second Year
Bethany George Ucl Maths 2
Bethany George Ucl Maths 2
Nena Nurbhai UCL Student 2022
Alex Fomin UCL Student ‘16-‘21
Simon Hazelwood Community
Laura Mitchell UCL Human Sciences 2
Noella Bello Castro Community user
Osilamah Momoh UCL Student 4th Year
Richard Ellis
Gracie Enticknap UCL Natural Sciences 2
Jacob Taylor UCL Anthropology 4
Mario de Lera Calero
Mario de Lera Calero
Matthew Cavaliere UCL Economics 1
Molly Hartill UCL Alumni 2020
James Brooke UCL Save the pool 2019
Chris Fitzgerald UCL BA French and Arabic 2
Terri Russell UCL Student 1
Thomas Bloor UCL Chemical Engineering student 2
Manon Davies-Lewis UCL Geography 2
Joseph Halse UCL Computer Science 4
Sebastian Daly UCL Alumni 2018
Harriet Ucl Student 2
Caroline Eason Community pool user Private member of Energybase
Tomas Levy UCL History Third
Lut UCL Mechanical Engineering 2021
Tabi evans Ucl Human sciences 1st
M Daniels
Mimi Abdu UCL Geography 2
Claudia Burn-Leefe UCL Biochemistry Year 2
Ed UCL History
Pascal Ulrich Foerster UCL Astronomy and Astrophysics 2
Moemen Nada
Rebecca Ucl Bartlett Situated practice 2022
Justine Solomons
Aly UCL Student 3
Louise Simeonov UCL student 2
Gary Henson UCL Health science 2000
Peter Twist Community User & Local Resident
Natasha Tahir University college London Mechanical engineering 3
Liisa Niitsoo UCL PhD Pharmacy 4
Murtaza Mamdani UCL Mechanical Engineering 3
Pranav Rao UCL alumni 2019
James Cosgrove UCL
Zhongyan Ye UAL Interior and spatial design 3
Caroline Clarke UCL staff
Guillermo Herrera Blanco 2021
Agustín Mengoni UCL Mechanical engineering with business finance 2022
Will Danskin UCL Education 2021
Kai Yi Mok UCL Biomedical Sciences 2021
Georgios Mavropoulos
Lue UCL earth sciences 2
Karolina Figas UCL Geography 2
Jessica Knapman UCL Genetics 2018
ellie UCL art 4
Hong Tien UCL Law Year 1
Pratik Gor UCL Chemistry 3
Abril Herrera UCL Bartlett School of Architecture 2014
Alex Gatenby
Anna Schroder UCL Biomedical engineering 2nd year PhD
Emma Moran UCL French 2016
Brucie David Morris UCL Biomedical Sciences 2013
Eleanor McBay UCL Medicine 2018
Ekaterina Stoilova UCL BSc Psychology 3
Chichi UCL Medical Physics 2020-21
James Maidment UCL BA German and History 4
Tom Dixon UCL US Studies 2
Henry Wilkinson Birkbeck College Politics 2020
Cllr Rishi Madlani LSE / UoL Economics 2005
Michael Ajerman Slade/UCL Slade
Sadie Hale
Romane UCL student 1st
Dom Borghino UCL Law Final year
Rastislav Jonis UCL Molecular biology 2
Derek Lee UCL Biotechnology 2nd
Nalisha Vansia UCL English 2
Aleksandra Dunlop UCL Eastman PG Endo Diploma 2020
Ariyana Rayatt Ucl Biotechnology 2020
Ayushi Bhanja UCL Psychology with Education BSc 1
Pranjal Mehta UCL Experimental Psychology Currently a professor
Teresa insinna Ucl Chemistry 2020
Kaosoluchukwu Federica Ezennia UCL Medicine 4
Nina Morris-Evans UCL IoE 1
Trizzha Feliciano UCL Medicine 3
Leina Price UCL Biology 2023
Stephen Bell
Amber Yang UCL History Three
Ed Jefferson UCL Philosophy 2006
Gian Montagna Community Pool User
Simon Ellershaw UCL AI Enabled Healthcare 2021
Rob King Ucl Teaching 1
Adam Westlake UCL Law 3
Lee F F Stokes Community pool user
Max Godec UCL PGCE History 2021
Mark Arnot Community pool user
Tibor ‘Community pool user’
Madina Khusnullina UCL Pharmacology Year 3
Rhys Milford UCL MSc Geological hazards 1
Madina UCL Pharmacology Year 3
Howard Dymock Birkbeck, London and community pool user Classics 1993
Nick Monahan Community pool user
Dan Shunn Community pool user
Orion Ganase
Paolo Sirianni Community pool user
Emma Gibbons UCL Student 1
Jacqui lin UCL Chemistry 1st year PhD
Troy White LSE Alumni 2013
Ivor Sokolic UCL Alumni 2016
Chris Eden Community pool user
Humphrey Price UCL Film Studies 2021-22
Julia Slingo UCL PhD student from LCLL, IOE,UCL Final year
Rosalind Henderson UCL MSc Environment, Politics, Society 1
Yunlu Shi UCL Bioprocessing first year
Rema Daher UCL student first
Saga Anderholm Hansson UCL Mathematics and Physics 2
Phil Hanby
Daniel Liu UCL Student 3rd
Andrey Staniukynas UCL student 2
Rebecca Shutt UCL Physics and Astronomy 3rd year PhD
Olivia McGowan UCL MSc Clinical Mental Health Sciences 2020-2021
Anna Moore UCL Psychology 2nd
Béatrice aubert Ucl Esps 3
Simon Kerslake
Longxiang Liu UCL Chemistry 2nd
Alexandros Zachariades LSE International relations 3
Felix Thiel UCL student 2nd year
Harrison Cox UCL Student 1
Joyce Valadares UCL student 2021
Arkadiy Osovtsov Community Pool User
Sarah Allen
Abraham O University College London PhD 2
Anthony Brincat
Francesco Bucciol Community pool user
Justina Lee UCL MSc Developmental Psychology and Clinical Practice 2020
Stephanie Armstrong UCL DClinPsy 1
Toby Blackman UCL MA Architectural History 2
Kara Morris UCL Natural Sciences 4th
Francisca Stutzin University College London Health Humanities PhD CRS
Lyndon Guy Mounsher
Annie UCL Arts and Sciences 4
Damian Cotter Pool user
Ekaterina Firsova UCL Economics Final Year
Raquel FOnseca skgtrrf Neurosciences 3
Craig Brimmer Community Pool User
Matthew Gough Community user
Marcio Junji Sono
Honey Hughes UCL Chemistry 1
Sabrina Harverson UCL Material studies 3
Lucia Lavalle UCL Postgraduate student at Cancer Institute 2nd
Tim Kendall Community pool user
Rachel Thomas UCL Biology 1998
Tim Slind
Martha Neugarten UCL natural sciences 3
Colin Spensley
Adam Fitchett UCL Biomedical Engineering 2nd year PhD
Carolin Heilig UCL Politics and Sociology 3
Ella Bennett Ucl Alumni 1990
Emily windsor Community pool user
Jonathan Izard
Mark Jones
Mark smith
Jonathan Lyon Community
Chenyuan Wang UCL Student 2
Heinz Weber UCL MAAH 2020
Finbarr Sweeney UCL Risk, Disaster, Resilience 20/21
Amelia Nayar
Anna Kusner The lodge Hylda court
Katie Mess UCL Student 2nd year
Anna Kusner The lodge Hylda court
marsida rexhepaj UCL student 2020
Bushra PGCE Post-compuslory second year
Matthew Parkea UCL History 2019
Gustav Andersson
Tyrone Curtis UCL Public health 2021
Terry Mason-Williams
Petra Seitz UCL Architectural and Urban History and Theory PhD 1st Year
Jayson Gillham Royal academy of music 2009
Maya UCL History First Year
Jacki Reason
Åsa Westerlund
Marie Georgiades UCL Engineering 1st PhD
Luke Hardcastle UCL Medical Statistics 1st yr Postgraduate
Kyle Yearwood UCL Staff
Emma Pryke UCL Biochemistry 3
David Fox
Lydia Newton UCL Biology PhD First year
Marie-Clair Breen UCL MSc Psychological Sciences 2
Alexandra Petrache UCL Student 4
Julia Rooke UCL
Anna Livesey UCL MA Translation 1
Kevin kennedy
Celine Romano UCL Museum Education PG 2020-21
Daniele Di Pede
Justin Schellenger
Rahul Bhatnagar
Lia Mazzari Bartlett School of Architecture Situated Practice 2
Nichola Arthur UCL Archaeology (PhD) 4th
Imogen Sharp
Jen Dylan
Safia Chaudhary UCL MSc Social Policy 2020/21
Thomas Pollard UCL PhD - Biosensors 2019
Edouard Dumon Ucl Student 2021
Jack Whitear
Teddy Briant ucl 2017
David Woodward
Prithika UCL Medicine 5
Frankie Karen Brown UCL PGCE English with Drama 2020 - 2021
Lucia Magáthová UCL BA Comparative Literature 2
Duncan UCL History 2
Richard Barr
Jack Verschoyle UCL Philosophy 2021
Victor UCL Keep the pool open please 2017
Mark Turner UCL English 1991
Nigel Wilcock
Greg Arthur Naturist London
John Henderson
Gérard Prado
Karen Smith Birkbeck and the IOE English 2005 and now
Eleanor Randall UCL History 1
Lara Alegre Bartlett School UCL Environmental design & engineering 1st
Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin
Mark Lumley
Michael John BROWN
Lily Maret UCL Student 1
Ad Bakker
Ad Bakker
Amalia Gjerloev UCL Math 1st
Irena Arslanova UCL student 2021
Rachel Cooke UCL Speech & Language Sciences 2nd Year
Jean Gabriel Renaldy - - -
Philip Bennett UCL Education 2
Hayley Porter UCL PhD in cancer biology 2016
Sonam Gordhan UCL Law 2
Francesca Costi UCL PhD candidate 2nd
Alex Hein UCL Computer Science Year 3
Chris Mason Naturist London Pool hirer 2012 -2020
Jessica Mendall UCL Medicine 4
Gregory Mansi UCL Student
Satinder Bhamra
Hannah Watson UCL PGCE 2021
Charlotte Harris UCL PhD Language and Cognition 1
Simon Scherpke UCL Economics 2021
Joanna Scott UCL Speech and language sciences 2
Liam Swanson UCL Cardiovascular Engineering 2024
Javier Bautista UCL PhD in Neurosciences 2nd
Sophie Eastwood UCL Cardiovascular Science 3
Joann Blackburne UCL Architecture/Sustainable Heritage 1994/2021
Joann Blackburne UCL Architecture/Sustainable Heritage 1994/2021
Xifong Christian UCL Mathematical Computation 3
Francesca Bentivegna UCL PhD in Epidemiology 1
Catharina Gress-Wright UCL Education 2021
Argjend Elezaj UCL Civil Engineering 1st
Ed Allnutt UCL Italian Current student
Georgina UCL Biochemistry PhD 4
Alina Chrzastek UCL Chemical Biology 3
Dory Anthony Ghanem UCL Medicine 3
Daniel Ly UCL Medicine 3
Michal Nowak UCL IMESS 2020-21
Hassan Al Khalifah UCL UPCSE 0
Dan O'Brien UCL Mathematics Education 2021
Adrian Westhaus UCL PhD in Gene Therapy (ICH) 2018
Camillia UCL Psychology 1
Wong Quan Shuen UCL Engineering 2
James de Wet UCL Human Science 1st
Heechan Lee UCL BSc Politics and International Relations 1
Wei Ping Sze UCL Student 4th Year
Glynnis Stevenson UCL History of Art 1st Year Ph.D
Vincent Yariv UCL Student 3
Hafsa Khan UCL Student 2023
Farrrah Wong UCL Student 2
Sidney Stanbury UCL Mathematics 1st year
Georgia Cronshaw UCL Biology 2
james hardwick UCL computer science 2nd
Ola Volhina UCL MSc Clinical Neuroscience 1
Farida mostafa UCL Human Rights 2021
Khalid Abdulghani UCL Mechanical engineering Year 1
Possapon Charoenporn LSE Geography Second
Florence Fowkes ucl student 4
Nazlin Bhimani UCL Education 2021
Jade Vongxayasy UCL Student 2
Sofia Gobet UCL Law 2020-2024
chalermkiart Youngthong UCL biochemical Engineering 2021
Thitiwat (Tommy) Piyatamrong UCL PhD. in Education, Practice and Society 1
Ross Dobson UCL Astrophysics MSci 4
Lucia Stock UCL BA History 1
Xiaona Liang UCL Student 1
Arushee Saxena Ucl Computer science Year1
Bethany Hamby UCL History 2nd
Ewan Shilland UCL/QMUL/NHM’ Geography Phd year 3
Julia Kaliszewska King's College Chemistry Year 1
David Byrne UCL Architecture 3
Lauren McMillan UCL Engineering 2nd year
Reem Taha Hajj Ahmad UCL Architecture 3
Omar Ceja Salgado UCL Culture, Communication and Media PhD 2021
Amisha Amisha Student 1
Tehnia Amir UCL 3
Tom Hughes Ucl Psychology 2023
Alexa Marroquin UCL student 4th
Zaahid Jaffer UCL PGCE 1
Daniel Schindler UCL Economics 2021
Raphael A UCL Anthropology 1
Vivienne Leech UCL Mathematics 5
Vijay Tailor UCL Experimental Psychology 2021
Esmee mitchell UCL Law 2019
Mr Sepehr Zhand UCL student 3
Farhiya Mohamed UCL History 2
Farhiya Mohamed UCL student 2
Rachel Wellman UCL Biology 3rd phd
Antonia Gigglberger UCL Documentary filmmaking 2021
Artemis Papachristou UCL Architecture 2021
Abigail BOURNE UCL Psychology with Education 1
Abigail BOURNE ucl student student petitioning to save the pool 1
Zahira el Nazer Ucl Architecture Phd year 1
Dušan Rebolj UCL PhD in Political Science 2
Rosalind Chung UCL Health Informatics 2
Ewan UCL Physics 3
Alexander Curtis UCL Geoscience 2020
Fatima Ceballos UCL Biochemical engineering 1st year PhD
Alberto Fernandez UCL PhD Student The Bartlett 2
Agnes Perotto-Wills UCL History Second
Luis Moliner Cachazo UCL PhD 2
Heather Yin UCL Student 1
Matthew Jones UCL Systems Engineering Management 3rd
Haya Al Nasser Birkbeck student 1
Leila Student PGCE HISTORY First
Raymon UCL Infection and Immunity 2nd year
Raymon UCL Student 2nd year
Mauricio Bañados-Cornejo Mauricio Bañados-Cornejo Entrepreneurship 2021
Helen Spong UCL Chemistry 4
Aisha Malik-Smith UCL BA Politics, Sociology & East European Studies Year 2
Jelena Milosavljevic UCL Philosophy 1st
H UCL History 1
Lily-Mae Zheng UCL Chemistry 1
John O’Regan UCL Critical Linguistics PhD 2006
Eloise McEvoy UCL History 1
Kalya UCL Psychology 2
Kieran John Anthony Pereira UCL Mechanical Engineering 1
Gina Harris UCL Student 1
Kay Qin UCL STS 2020
Alexandra UCL Anthropology 1
Raphaelle UCL Mechanical Engineering 1
Sabina UCL Neuroscience 2020
Yasmin North UCL Architecture 3
LOUIS RILEY UCL Audiological Science MS.c. 2nd
Lauren Pereira-Greene UCL Medicine 1st year
Isabel Williams UCL Gender, Society and Representation First Year
Nathaniel Cole
Peter Flew UCL Russian PhD 2
Oleksandr Bondariev UCL IMESS 2021
Kamile Minkelyte Ucl PhD in neurology 3rd year
Elena Raimondi UCL Philosophy (alumna) 2021 (graduated in March)
Jehan Shipkolye UCL Civil Engineering 2023
Aicha UCL IoE PGCE English 2021
Rosy Todd UCL Architectural and interdisciplinary studies 3
Laurent L. UCL PhD Student 2nd
Alan Aksenenko UCL Law first
Helen Yang UCL Neuroscience 2
Edwin Grove UCL geography 2
Eleanor Cowan UCL Classics 3rd
Ellie Boddington UCL Security and Crime Science 1
maryam qureshi ucl ancient history 2020-23
Shuo Chen UCL BSc Psychology and Language q 3
Natasha Crofton UCL Education Post grad
carolina Gutierrez UCL Social science 4th
Andrew Selby SOAS Law & Japanese Former Sports President of ULU
Kacper Micek UCL Mathematics 3
Shrey Sureen UCL Maths 1st year
Alex Walton-Keeffe UCL Earth Sciences 2021
Nick Kerin UCL Education 2021
David Lukic UCL Law 2018
filippo ucl mecheng first year
Svenja Nierwetberg UCL Neural circuits and behaviour 3
Stephenie Bostock UCL PGCE Final Year
Benjamin Billot UCL medical physics 2021
Stephenie Bostock UCL PGCE 2020
Shirui UCL Anthropology 2020
Tessa Willy EdD 7
Elisa Ynaraja Rodriguez UCL Engineering MSc
Reeme Idris UCL EYITT PGCE 20-21
Rebecca abrans Ucl Museum studies 2019
Luis Fernando Bernardi Junqueira UCL PhD student 2
Ines UCL AI and healthcare Ph.d year 1
Maria Orlando UCL Student Postgrad year 1
Luke Muschialli UCL Medicine Year 1
Konstantina Tetorou UCL Student Phd 2nd year
Gwenllian Perry UCL MSc Medical Statistics 2
Alex Norcliffe UCL Machine Learning 1st
Luke O’Gorman UCL Planetary Science 2
Natalia BILIMORIA UCL Alumni Law 2020
Joe Lettington UCL Neuroscience 2020/21
Nathalie UCL Comparative Literature 1
Abi Cartwright UCL PhD in Civil Engineering 4
Samuel Barnes UCL History 3
Sonny Ashcroft UCL Human Sciences 2
Yuansheng Zhang UCL BEng (Mechanical) 3
Sasha UCL Chemical Engineering 1
Viktor Penchev UCL Economics BSc 1st
Jessica Proctor UCL Alumni 2018
Julius partridge Ucl Engineering 2006-2019
Sheryl C UCL Arts and Sciences 1
Ruben Holt Ucl Biological sciences 1
Santiago Suarez de la Fuente UCL Alumni 2016
Sophie Ledsome UCL Medicine 3
Katharine Shields UCL
Philip Michallet UCL Medicine 1
Leona Sharma UCL Student 4
Luciano Rila UCL
Sefki UCL Law 2021-2023
Kai Yu UCL Chemical Engineering 4
Wendy Leung UCL BSc Geography 2
Zeynep Baykam UCL BASc Arts and Sciences 2
Jared Jeyaretnam UCL Physics, PhD 2023
Sophie Rose Dabbaj UCL History 1st year
Chris Greenhough UCL Student 2nd
ayesha ucl mathematics 2020
Doris Ucl Engineering 1
Zuva Dengu UCL Medicine 2
Sharuka Ravichandran UCL Medicine 2
Moni Sandhu UCL Medicine 2
Maya Banerjee UCL Medicine 3
Riya Banerjee UCL Medicine 2
Tushar UCL Economics 2021
Mhairi Oliver
Sasha UCL Natural sciences Year 2
J St George's
Yicai Martinez UCL Natural Sciences Year 2
Grace UCL Psychology 4
Alessandro Cerri UCL Law with Italian Law LLB 2012
Emma Whitney
Lydia De Matos UCL BA Language and Culture 3
Laura Dan UCL Medicine 4
Catriona Savage UCL Mechanical Engineering Staff
Harriot Winfield UCL Physics and Chemistry 2019
Emily Lewis UCL Physics 1
Enrico Anderlini UCL Staff
Georgia Spyrou UCL Student 2019
Andrea Grech La Rosa UCL Student 2022
Irene Villar UCL Electronic and Electrical Engineering 1
Giles Thomas UCL Mechanical Engineering Staff
Vanessa Freedman UCL Information Studies 2010
F UCL 3rd
Khadeejah Hullemuth UCL Student 1
TB UCL Statistical Science 3
Imogen Eggleton UCL Mathematics 1
Eloise Jarvis UCL Student 2nd year
Helen Jenkins UcL Geography 1986
Emmie Bowlt UCL Biological Sciences 1st year
Mitesh Vagadia UCL
Julia Zakolska UCL Social Sciences Year 1
Sarah Buxton UCL Student 2021
Ecem Ergin Ucl Student 4
Charlotte UCL IMB First year
Dr Harvey Wiltshire UCL English Literature 2019
Isobel Mackay UCL Chemical Engineering - Staff
Rebecca Kelly
Angela Gichane UCL
Kate Quinn UCL History - member of staff
Cagri Ustaoglu UCL History - student 2nd
David Newton UCL Staff
Hannah SOAS International relations 3rd year
Samuel Hayes UCL Chemical Engineering MEng 2019
Diana State UCL Economics&Business 3
Harriet Davies UCL HPE 2020
Andrew Stewart
Kelvin UCL student 2020
Caterina UCL Alumni 2019
Kan Li UCL PhD Cardiovascular Biomedicine Student 1
Benita Stipp Ucl Medicine 1
Mark Chan UCL Economics 2019-2022
Charlie Gao UCL MPlan City Planning Year 1
Sam Jones UCL Philosophy 3rd Year
William Jensen-Diaz UCL Alumni 2016
Harvey Moon UCL Student 4
Xiaotang Xu UCL Alumni 2020
James Shearman - - -
Lorcan Jeffreys UCL Medicine 3
Aaron Green UCL Architecture BSc 2
Turan UCL Student 2021
Diego Collado UCL Classics 2
Otis Robson UCL Economics 1
Borbála Bánfalvi UCL Student First
Giselle Best UCL Infection and Immunity 1
Annika Coughlin Ucl Sociology PhD
Claudia Danes UCL student 2021
Félicitie Mason UCL She 1
Bella UCL Psychology 2021
Elizabeth Feldhake UCL Archaeology 2
Marta Benozzo Ucl Math Postgrad
Urte Gumuliauskaite UCL Natural Sciences 2
Amirbahador Moineddini UCL BioMedical Engineering 1.5
Connor Tugulu UCL Student 5th
Jonathon Ding UCL Psychological Studies MSc 2021
Benedict Greenwood UCL Cognitive Neuroscience 2021
Cyrus Hung UCL Fine Art Alumni 2019
Danilo UCL Ancient Languages with a year abroad Year 1
Ciara O’ Malley UCL Economics 2nd
Asher Loke Cho Yang University College London Psychology 1
madeline klein ucl student year 2
Beebee Jhungeer UCL Pharmacy 3
Catherine Schwartz LSE General Course 2011
Robert Hilton UCL Philosophy, Politics and Economics 2020 (Alumni)
Christian Fenton UCL Physics 2
Richard Chen UCL Physics 1st
Oliver Sani UCL Physics and Astronomy 1
Alessandra McCutcheon University College London Student 2020
Yu sakamoto Loughborough university Sports and exercise science 2021
Ariane Mattana KCL Student 1 (Postgrad )
Madeleine Throssell UCL Biomedical sciences 2/3
Pavlina Kruzikova UCL Physics 2
Isaac Woods UCL Medicine 2
Felipe King's College London Political economy 2020
Adil Patel UCL Physics 2
Catherine Webley UCL PhD Chemistry 2
Philippine UCL Neurosciences 1
Holly Clarke UCL Science and Society 2018
Raymond Sweetman UCL and SOAS BSc Ecological Sciences. MA Japanese and Taiwanese Studies 2012
Adelaide w UCL Basc 1st
Sophie Searle UCL PSEES 2
Rosamund Greiner UCL PhD Global health MSc: 219, PhD: 1st year
Julia Nycz UCL Biomedical sciences 1
Itiola Akinhbola UCL
Rory Alexander UCL BSc Architectural and Interdisciplinary Studies 2020
Imogen Keen UCL Student of speech and language sciences 1 (postgrad)
Clementine Bachelart UCL Philosophy, Politics and Economics 1
Richard UCL Sustainable Heritage 2014
Issy Smith UCL Student Final
Laurence Steinpress UCL student MSc Physics student 1st (of 2)
Elizabeth Cotton UCL Medicine 1
Anisa Khorassani UCL Student 2
Khaled UCL Mech eng 1
Tahir Khanzada UCL Environmental Sciences PhD 2nd year
Johann Leidenfrost UCL Arts and Sciences 1
Emily Gaizley Ucl Natural Sciences 2020
Eilidh KCL Student 2nd
Blanca Gomez Garcia UCL Spanish 2
Jade Hartley UCL Computer Science 2
Berk Ozgen UCL MSc Data Science and Machine Learning 2021
Jordan Onweller KCL Physics 3
Bethany Parham UCL MA Translation 1
Zsófia Keresztes UCL Psychology 3rd
Luca Pellegrino UCL History 1
Yana Martusova UCL Biological Sciences 1
Emily Dore RAM Student 4
J M Nathan Ong UCL Laws 2
Charlotte Foley UCL Student 3
Zara UCL History and philosophy of science 2021
Nathan UCL Geography 2
Eileen Ucl Human sciences 3
Chris Hoyle UCL Maths 2013
Noor Fatima UCL Medicine Year q
Alice Yip UCL Economics and Geography Third
Elena Crean UCL Natural Sciences 2016
Mariana Almeida UCL Applied Medical Sciences 1
Lucas Wing UCL Biomedical science 1
David Scobie UCL Physics 2018
Catrin UCL SSEES Year 1
David M. Simon UCL Student 1
Alex Zmuda UCL Medicine 4
Valeria UCL English 2023
Jocelyn Shao UCL Student Year 1
Franciszek Nowak UCL Biomedical Engineering 1
Angelina Georgieva King's College London Alumni 2019
Molly Vickers LSHTM IID 2019
Hissah AlAbdulsalam UCL Personalised Medicine and Novel Therapies 2020
William Wang UCL Economics 1st
Annie Renju UCL Medicine 4
Thomas Adler UCL Economics Year 3
Natalia Pavlovicova UCL Student 1st
Chandika Soondram UCL Biochemistry 3
Gina Geffers UCL Geophysics 2016
Sarah Poynder UCL History 2021
Alice Renard University College London BA Comparative Literature 3rd year
Jan UCL Pharmacology 3
Annie Renju UCL Medicine 4th
Victoria Touzet UCL Medicine 1
Jessie Batter UCL Sport and Exercise Medical Science 1
Charlotte Rowe Ucl medicine 2021
Ying xin UCL medicine 4
Duncan Raitt UCL Mechanical Engineering 2
Isis Calado UCL Medicine 3
Louise Myers UCL Medicine 6
Julia Ciuhak UCL BA Comparative Literature Year 2
Charlotte UCL Medicine 1
Mari Takeuchi UCL Computer Science 1
Jean-Marc Soulas
Sadé Bates UCL student 3
Sandra Soulas
Maya Kirlew UCL French with Management Studies Second year
Helena Huang UCL Human Sciences 1
Martin Matras UCL PPE 2023
Nathan Taylor UCL Medicine 6
Beatrice UCL Politics and Sociology with Eastern European Studies 1
Mariusz Sledz UCL Mechanical Engineering MSc
kajol marathe UCL medical student 5th year
Louis Viard ucl student 2021
Eleonora Agostinelli UCL Mathematics First
Divya UCL Management 2020
asi amodeo UCL student 2021
Sebastian Szkudelski UCL Natural Science 1
Liam Shipsey UCL Medicine 3
Andrea Vaughan University College London Culture, Communication and Media PhD 1st
Syasya UCL Pharmacy First year
Anastasia Kopytina UCL MSc Spatio-temporal Analytics 2021
Raquel Sofia Fernandes Marques da Silva UCL Computer Science 1
Marco Castelluccio University College London Economics 1 Grad
Samuel Rajakarier UCL BSc Politics and International Relations 2023
Anastasia Kopytina UCL MSc Spatio-Temporal Analytics 2021
Kimmy Tirrell UCL Medicine 3rd
Alessandro Vecchi Marsh University College London Politics + East European studies 1st
Henry Ly UCL Politics and IR 1
Nicki Challinger UCL Languages 2009
Victoria Georgievskaya UCL Politics, Sociology and East European Studies 2
Angelica Neckles UCL Earth Sciences 3
Emil Boyadzhiev UCL Student 2021
Ben Cooper UCL Mathematics with Mathematical Physics 2
Meg Day UCL Politics, Sociology and East European Studies Year 1
Valentina UCL Student 1st
Nicolas Wäckers Ucl PSEES 1st
Fiona Brand UCl Clinical Psychology 2
Eliza Burgess UCL Latin American Development 1
Katerina Alexandropoulou
Anna UCL Management Science 1st year
Emily Young UCL Student 4
Ben Baker UCL Classics 1
Kara Smythe UCL Student 2021
Larissa Henke University College London Student 1st year
Mary Dyer UCL Speech Sciences 1983
Lisa Dawson UCL Psychology 2
Adam Horne UCL Economics 2
Daniel Bennett UCL Biochemistry First
Isobel Lee-Barber UCL Medicine 5th
Yanna Pusica UCL Biochemistry 2
Zsofi Szelpal UCL Student 2
Jinke Chang UCL MEDICAL 3
Matthew Hancock UCL Mechanical Engineering 3
Anna Lewicka UCL Natural Sciences 1
Chongyu Qin UCL Student 2020-2024
Nicolle Arroyave UCL Medicine 2
Hannah UCL French and Italian second
Joe UCL Sports and Exercise Medical Sciences 1
Mattias Sherman UCL Biological sciences First
Laura Stone UCL History with a European Language 1st year
Kayan Patel UCL Student 3
Nvard Chalabyan UCL 20017501 2020
Manbok Chen UCL Medicine 1
Barnabas Kadar UCL Natural Sciences 2nd
Parminder UCL MPharm 3
Kyle Jonsson UCL Biotechnology 2
Meera Pattni UCL Natural Sciences 4th
Claire Muirhead
Yasmin Gulay UCL English 2019
Lauren UCL History 3
Scott Dale UCL Staff N/A Sports Administrator
Sulayman Desai UCL Student 4
Andrew McClean UCL
Aimee Connolly UCL Public Policy 2020
Brandon Wooding UCL Management Science 2
Joanna Tindall UCL Geography 4
Ella Smith UCL History 2
Cécile Porchier UCL Geography PhD 3rd year
Katie Sykes UCL Staff n/a Staff Member
Catriona Gold UCL Geography 3
Frances Lewin UCL PhD 2017 - present
Miranda Molloy UCL Chemistry 3
Esme Goudie UCL Medicine 6
Rebecca Hoadley UCL Medicine 3
Jun UCL Sakamoto 1
Terry Bennett UCL IOE Education Doctorate 4th
Rebecca Lin UCL Medicine 4
Liam Brennan UCL Ancient History 1
Zsofia Varga UCL Linguistics First
Eliza Lawless UCL Maths + Languages 3
Jakir Ahmed UCL Medicine 3
Syed Haque UCL Pharmacy 4
Catherine Bacon UCL Medical Sciences and Engineering 3
Ayman Benmati UCL Education Officer Sabbatical Officer
Carol Paige UCL Democracy, Operations and Community Officer Sabbatical Officer
Ilyas Benmouna UCL Activities Officer Sabbatical Officer