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Are you interested in immunology, infectious diseases, immunopharmacology and the like?

If yes, then you should join Immunology Society for 2023-2024! This year will be our fourth year as a society, and we hope to have even more events (and event types) this academic year.

In the previous years we had amazing events with acclaimed researchers, including Dr Matthew Reeves (from the UCL Reeve's Lab), Dr Shimon Sakaguchi (discoverer of Treg cells), and Dr Peter Doherty (Nobel Prize Recipient for discovery of function of MHC molecules). This year we have even more planned socials, seminars and more for students in any program (Bsc, BA, PhD, Msc, etc.) and in any subject who are interested in learning more about immunology!


Interested in joining?

We have two memberships - taster and standard

Taster (free): allows voting in elections and newsletter updates.

Standard (£3): allows for participation in online and in-person academic seminars, all social events, voting in elections and running for committee positions, and newsletter updates.


What sort of events have you had in the past?

In the previous years, we planned and had events from speakers such as Dr. Matthew Reeves on HCMV Pathogenesis, from Dr. Michele Vendruscolo (from Cambridge University) on Protein Misfolding Diseases, from Dr. Shimon Sakaguchi who discovered the regulatory subset of T-cells, and from Dr. Denise Faustman (from Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital) on experimental research into cures for Type 1 (Autoimmune) diabetes.

Where do I find out about events?

If you join as a member, we will send out emails informing you of upcoming events!

We also post about our events on social media, including Instagram.