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Are you passionate about Europe, European affairs, and international cooperation?

Do you want to be part of the only student-led policy incubator in the world?

Are you interested in debating and discussing European and transatlantic issues, attending high-profile speaker events, partaking in international conferences, and writing for reputable academic journals and news sources?

If yes, then UCL European Horizons is the perfect place for you!

The UCL chapter of European Horizons (one of the 65 official chapters at universities across 15 countries in Europe, America and Asia) is devoted to advancing the cause of European integration and strengthening transatlantic relations.

European Horizons' mission is to equip aspiring young leaders with the skills, knowledge and network necessary to fight for a better future, be it advocating for European democracy, transatlantic security, energy and environment, and many other topics. 

To this end, European Horizons has established a network of students, professors, and European decision-makers, with links to academia, politics, civil society, and business.

Through organising events, connecting people, and putting forward new ideas, to weave a more integrated social fabric in Europe and to strengthen the confidence of the European Union.

This year, UCL European Horizons will:

  • Organise series of policy-workshops to equip students with the skills to advocate for change at the European level. Outputs may be published in European Horizons' Review of European and Transatlantic Affairs (RETA)
  • Organise high-profile speaker events, panel discussions and thought-provoking debates and discussions about the European Union and transatlantic affairs;
  • Give the opportunity for our members to partake in European Horizons' "Transatlantic Leaders Fellowship" programme, and attend conferences in London and Brussels;
  • Host social events to foster a welcoming and collaborative environment, and help members with any projects and ideas related to the European Union, European affairs and transatlantic affairs.

UCL European Horizons is also a proud alliance society of the Bentham Brooks Institute, the first student-led think tank at UCL. This alliance of 5 of the biggest international affairs societies at UCL gives our members extra opportunities to benefit from the vast resources and networks available at UCL.

Please check out our social media pages linked on this page, and feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining or have any questions! We look forward to meeting you!