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UCL Move Challenge: 5 - 12 March

On the back of University Mental Health Day, TeamUCL launched a UCL-wide challenge to get everyone moving: students, staff and teachers! We asked participants to download the PlayWaze App and upload a piece of evidence after any physical activity, with the number of minutes they were active for. The evidence could have been anything from a photograph of your walk, a screenshot from your run from a fitness app, or the confirmation email from one of our HIIT Classes.

The challenge was a huge success with over 250 active participants and a total of 74,555 active minutes logged! Congratulations to everyone who got involved!

That is not all…There was a £30 Nike voucher prize draw everyday for individuals that met the 30-minute recommended daily dose of activity. Congratulations to the winners:

  • Friday 5th Winner: Tariq Jamal
  • Saturday 6th Winner: Madeline Rose
  • Sunday 7th Winner: Alice Leavey
  • Monday 8th Winner: George Hawthorne
  • Tuesday 9th Winner: Ben Chan
  • Wednesday 10th Winner: Hermione Glyn
  • Thursday 11th Winner: Kayla Arnold

There was also a prize draw for a FitBit at the end of the challenge for participants that met the 30-minute requirement every day of the challenge. The overall winner was Christina Zimmermann - congratulations!

There will be future challenges, so why not download the PlayWaze App now and create an account?!