Sitting exams online means you may encounter some technical difficulties when completing or submitting your assessments. Make sure to familiarise yourself with the following guidelines from UCL’s Controlled Condition Exams Regulations, so you are best prepared to submit your exams on time and know what to do if you do experience any technical issues.

Submit your exam on time

If you are taking a controlled condition exam, you will have an additional upload window of 20 minutes on top of the duration of your exam.

This 20 minute upload window should only be used to upload and hand in your submission. It has not been provided as additional time to continue working on your assessment, and the full 20 minutes may be necessary if you have lots of photos or files to convert to a PDF document before you can hand in your work. It’s therefore essential you use the full 20 minutes to upload and submit your exam, as you will not be able to hand anything in after the deadline.

The exam duration shown in AssessmentUCL is the total time you have to complete the exam and upload and submit it. For example, a 2-hour exam will show as 2 hours and 20 minutes on the platform. The end time on AssessmentUCL is the time by which your exam must be handed in.

Report any technical difficulties

If you experience technical difficulties during your exams, you should report this to UCL as soon as possible. If you have more than 30 minutes before the submission deadline, you can use the self-service query form on Remedyforce to ask for some assistance.

If you are unable to submit your exam due to a technical difficulty, you should complete an AssessmentUCL Query Form as soon as possible and no later than one week after the exam has taken place. Your claim must be supported by evidence, so make sure to take screenshots or photos of any error messages of internet connection problems that you encounter.

If your technical failure claim is accepted, you may be offered a deferral without tuition which would allow you to take the exam again and without penalty at the next normal occasion.

Appeal the outcome

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your technical failure claim and want to raise the issue further, you can submit a formal complaint to UCL. Our Advice Service can offer support with the process, so please get in touch via our online contact form if you would like to book an appointment to discuss your complaint with one of our advisers.