Emilia Nygaard-Parsons



Personal Sporting Highlight:

Other sports played:

UCL Sporting Highlight:

Alex Sells

Course: MSci Physics (September 2018 to June 2022)

Sport: Fencing

Personal Sporting Highlight: Team U17 and U20 Bronze medal at Asian Fencing Championships with the Australian fencing team

UCL Sporting Highlight: Reaching the BUCS league cup final 2019/20

Other sports played: Football, Powerlifting


Pierre Boitand

Course: Arts and Sciences BASC

Sport: Fencing 

Personal sporting highlight: Winning the junior French nationals team championships with my club in 2022

UCL sporting highlight: Winning the Varsity match against Kings last year!

Other sports played: Football

Oona Ylinen

Course: MA Library and Information Studies 

Sport: Baseball

Personal sporting highlight: Throwing the winning pitch of the first game (and first win) for the GB Women's Baseball National Team at the first European Women's Baseball Championships we've participated in.

UCL sporting highlight: (I've actually never played for UCL because UCL doesn't currently have a baseball team). Early mornings in the Bloomsbury gym with misty sunrays breaking in are peaceful and climbing the stairs up there reminds me how much off-the-field work goes to being on the field.

Other sports played: Badminton

Maya Kirlew

Course: BA French with Management Studies

Sport: Swimming

Personal sporting highlight: Making a final at the Summer National Championships

UCL Sporting highlight:  Making a final at BUCS Short Course

Other sports played:  Swimming takes up most of my time so I don’t really do any other sports now, but I used play netball and run.

Deborah Alawode

Course: MBPhD Medicine (September 2016 to August 2025)

Sport: Barbell (Weightlifting)

Personal Sporting Highlight: Holding all the British U23 Records in the Women’s -71kg Weight Category Being invited onto the GB U23 Squad (international debut pending due to COVID)

UCL Sporting Highlight: Winning the 1st ever UCL vs KCL Weightlifting Varsity in March 2020 (JUST before lockdown!)

Other sports played: Ballet, Netball (GD/GK) and Athletics (100m, 4x100m relay and Shot Put) mainly, but I was on literally every female sports team I could be on in my school, including (but not limited to) rugby, football, hockey and rounders

Edmund Flurry Lysander Grierson

Course: BSc Architecture (2nd Year)

TeamUCL Club: RAX

Sport: Orienteering/Running

Personal Sporting Highlight: Becoming British Champion of Orienteering for my first time in 2019. However, my single most impressive result was Second at the World Schools Orienteering Championships 2019 in Estonia.

Other Sports Played: Cycling

UCL Sporting Highlight: Winning two of the LUCA XC league races back to back (2021-2022) and also winning 1500m Varsity.

Joe Donaghue

Course: BA French and Spanish

Sport: Fencing (foil!)

Personal Sporting Highlight: Bronze Medal in London Cup International Senior Foil November 2022. 

Other sports played: Varsity match against KCL

UCL Sporting Highlight: Football, Table tennis, Swimming. 

Billy Shepherd

Course: Deitetics MSc

Sport: Fencing (Epee)

Personal Sporting Highlight: Finishing 21st in the under 23 European championships and claiming bronze at the commonwealth fencing championships

Other sports played: Anchoring the UCL team against Imperial College London in a one touch match in a premier south match

UCL Sporting Highlight: Running, cycling and tennis

Janice Jin

Course: MBBS Medicine (2021-2027)

Sport: WTF Taekwondo

Personal Sporting Highlight: Representing the Swedish National team at the World Taekwondo Championships in Taipei 2018. 

Other sports played: I’ve dabbled in sports throughout my whole life, including Speed skating and football. I love strength training and CrossFit, both which I train regularly as a supplement to my Taekwondo. 

Katie Flight

Course: London Interdisciplinary Biosciences Consortium PhD Student (2021-2025)

Sport: Ultimate Frisbee

Personal Sporting Highlight: Getting a block in the final and winning a gold medal in the 2019 European Championships

UCL Sporting Highlight: Ask me again next year please?

Other Sports Played: I kind of tried a bit of everything before landing on Ultimate! Hockey and Swimming most seriously before they both gave way to Ultimate but also, Athletics, Cross Country, Tennis, Badminton, Football and Gymnastics. 

Amy Westwell



Personal Sporting Highlight:

Other Sports Played:

Maja Swirska

Course: MBBS Medicine (September 2018 - August 2024)

Sport: Snowsports

Personal Sporting Highlight: Competing in under 18 nationals in my home country (Poland).

UCL Sporting Highlight: Winning silver in BUDS nationals in Edinburgh 19/20

Other sports played: Tennis and Basketball

Georgie Robinson-Ranger

Course: MSc Physical Therapy for Musculoskeletal Healthcare and Rehabilitation

Sport: Rowing

Personal sporting highlight: silver medal at the U23 World Rowing Championships for GB

UCL sporting highlight: as above, was summer 2022!

Other sports played: none, don’t have time!

Hermione Chinery



Personal Sporting Highlight:

UCL Sporting Highlight:

Other sports played:

Miguel Rodriguez Ruíz



Personal Sporting Highlight:

UCL Sporting Highlight:

Other sports played:

Charlotte Leigh



Personal sporting highlight:

UCL sporting highlight:

Other sports played:

Izzy Whitmore

Course: Medicine (MBBS)

Sport: kickboxing and taekwondo 

Personal sporting highlight:  Making the GB taekwondo junior development team (taekwondo), winning the WAKO World Championships (kickboxing) 

UCL sporting highlight: Getting gold at the EUSA games in kickboxing last year representing UCL

Other sports played: hockey, running

Nikhil Koteeswaran

Course: MSc Chemistry with Management

Sport: Cricket

Personal Sporting highlights: Playing for Scotland u19s last year 

UCL Sporting highlight: Hopefully will have one in summer!

Other sports played: Enjoy playing football with my friends, and generally enjoy having a go at most sports

Harry Zain-Prosser

Course: BA History

Sport: Judo

Personal sporting highlight: Representing Great Britain in the European Youth Olympics and European u18 Championships.

UCL sporting highlight: BUCS 2022 Bronze.

Other sports played:  I played rugby at school and did some skateboarding

Phyllida Britton

Course: PhD in Chemistry (October 2020 to October 2024)

Sport: Swimming

Personal Sporting Highlights:

o British Champion 4x100m Freestyle Relay

o Swedish Gran Prix placed 4th in the 800m Freestyle

o Chartes Golden Tour Open came 4th in 400m Freestyle

UCL Sporting Highlights:

o BUCS Champion 1500m Freestyle 2019

o BUCS Silver medallist 800m Freestyle 2019

o BUCS Champion 800m Freestyle 2020

Other sports played: Over lockdown with the closure of swimming pools, running and rowing had to supplement the aerobic fitness. I do love playing a bit of tennis too though!

Soh Rui Yong

Course: Law

Sport: Athletics

Personal sporting highlight: Winning the Southeast Asian Games Marathon gold medals for my country in 2015 and 2017. 

UCL sporting highlight: Not yet. Soon. =)

Other sports played: Is DOTA a sport?

Annalli Olivelle

Course: Medicine

Sport: Tennis

Personal Sporting Highlight: playing for GB against France and USA and winning my first international tennis Europe grade 1 

UCL Sporting Highlight: Winning Varsity

Other sports played: Cricket and Running

Marian Rachev

Course:  BSc Economics

Sport: WTF Taekwondo

Personal Sporting Highlight: Winning the Bulgarian National Championships 6 times with the last one being in 2021 in the heavyweight +87 kg category for senior males.

UCL Sporting Highlight: Winning all three BUCS championships series last year and two of them with a partially torn hamstring.

Other sports played: : I have played Football as a starting centre back for my high school team. Besides that, since a very young age, I have been practicing Skiing, Table Tennis and Swimming. ​

Ema Kanlic



Personal Sporting Highlight:

UCL Sporting Highlight:

Other sports played:

Toby Cooke

Course: Doctorate in Educational Psychology

Sport: Athletics

Personal Sporting Highlight: Winning the 10000m at BUCS or being top 10 ranked in the UK for the 5km last year

UCL Sporting Highlight: I'm looking forward to making some soon!

Other sports played: Cycling