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Diversity & Inclusion Award Winners

TeamUCL were announced as the winners of the BUCS 2022 Diversity & Inclusion Award following our commitment to make sport at UCL as accessible as it can possibly be. The award has recognised a programme that facilitates disability sport, physical activity for under-represented groups, and the TeamUCL Against Hate Campaign.

A word from our Sports Officers, James Maidment & Saiff Hamid

We are beyond ecstatic to have won this award; it's the culmination of so much hard work and provides well deserved recognition for the brilliant members of the TeamUCL team. When we started our term, the overall aim was to take TeamUCL's EDI development to the next level of success by creating the TeamUCL Against Hate Campaign, Accreditation Scheme and Policy Changes, which we've now implemented. Looking back at the end of this season though, what makes us the most proud is the scale and breadth of EDI projects successfully run by the team, which all came together to create the winning nomination. This really is a shared success. We are in no doubt that TeamUCL will reach equal heights next year, as Chiamaka takes the Campaign into its next stage. Thank you for all your support as sports club members and keep bleeding purple!

A word from our Activities & Engagement Officer, Ilyas Benmouna

Over the last 2 years TeamUCL has launched some amazing initiatives to make our sports programme a much more inclusive place. From the amazing disability sports programme to the current sports officers’ campaign, TeamUCL against hate, we are by far sector leading in this area. The initiative which means the most to me though is the participation fund, having struggled myself financially in first year, I designed the fund from scratch and it has been an outstanding success for those who are going through tough times financially to still engage in clubs and societies. With the way the fund is designed we are also able to get in contact with students who are most vulnerable through our advice service and provide them much needed support. It means the world to me that my work as a Sabbatical officer can have that crucial impact on students lives.

We are immensely proud to receive this award and we will continue committing to making sport and physical activity is as diverse and inclusive as possible. Over the coming years we will be developing our intramural sport, Project Active offer, disability sport, Participation Fund and the TeamUCL Against Hate Campaign.