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The annual Education Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of staff and students and their contributions to our learning community through the following awards:

The award winners will be announced on Wednesday 9 June.

Student Choice Awards

The Student Choice Awards give students the chance to thank members of staff who have inspired and supported them during their time at UCL, letting these staff members know that their hard work makes a difference.

There are 8 different award categories, covering a variety of areas and enabling a wide range of both teaching and non-teaching staff to be nominated.

This year a record 1482 nominations were submitted covering 731 individual members of staff. You can view the full list of nominations at our roll of honour page.

From these nominations, our panel of Sabbatical Officers and Faculty Reps have chosen 3 staff members to be shortlisted for each category, with a winner selected from this shortlist of 3. 

The 24 inspirational staff members who have been shortlisted are:

Active Student Partnership

  • Fabio Freddi, Faculty of Engineering Science
  • Kirrily Pells, Institute of Education
  • Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez, Faculty of Medical Sciences

Amazing Support Staff

  • Fiona Rose-Clarke, Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • Kathryn Ball, Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Linda Taschenberger, Faculty of Brain Sciences

Brilliant Research-based Education

  • Elena Titov, Faculty of Brain Sciences
  • Ilyas Azouzi, Institute of Education
  • Paola Pedarzani, Faculty of Life Sciences

Diverse & Inclusive Education

  • Helene Neveu Kringelbach, Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Luciano Rila, Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Xine Yao, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Excellent Personal Tutoring

  • Ana Pellicer Sánchez, Institute of Education
  • Angela Cooper, Institute of Education
  • Eleanor Chiari, Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Exceptional Feedback

  • Alinda Damsma, Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Danielle D’Lima, Faculty of Brain Sciences
  • Megan Donaldson, Faculty of Laws

Inspiring Teaching Delivery

  • Ahmed Saade, Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences
  • Alireza Mani, Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • Danielle D’Lima, Faculty of Brain Sciences

Outstanding Research Supervision

  • Caroline Knapp, Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • David Thornalley, Faculty of Social & Historical Sciences
  • Natalie Marchant, Faculty of Brain Sciences

UCL Provost Education Awards

Exceptional individuals and teams receive the Provost’s Education Award. 

These recognise staff making outstanding contributions to the learning experience and success of our students.

The inspirational 45 individuals and 18 teams who have been shortlisted are:

Academic support


  • Marc Esteve, Political Science, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Elizabeth Dow, Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment)
  • Stephen Colvin, Department of Greek and Latin, Arts & Humanities
  • Frank Witte, Economics, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Professor Lewis Griffin, Department of Computer Science, Engineering Sciences
  • Nicola Morant, Division of Psychiatry, Brain Sciences
  • Professor John Gray, Culture Communication and Media, Institute of Education
  • Joanna Faure Walker, Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR), Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Professor Catherine O’Keeffe, UCL Medical School, Medical Sciences

Assessment and feedback


  • Dr Sarabajaya Kumar, Political Science, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Dr Stamatios Zografos, Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment)
  • Lewis Griffin, Computer Science, Engineering Sciences
  • Victoria Hilborne, Chemistry Department, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Aureo de Paula and Dunli Li, Economics, Social & Historical Sciences


  • Thomas S. Miller, Isobel Mackay, Matthew Tudball, Chemical Engineering, Engineering Sciences

Education success for all


  • Dr Eral Bele, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Sciences
  • Sara Shafiei, Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment)
  • Karen Stepanyan, Information Studies, Arts & Humanities
  • Melanie Garson, Political Science,Social & Historical Sciences
  • Dr Tim Young, Institute of Neurology, Brain Sciences
  • Evi Katsapi, Psychology and Human Development, Institute of Education
  • Dr Flaminia Ronca, Division of Surgery & Interventional Science, Medical Sciences
  • Andrea Jiménez Dalmaroni, London Centre for Nanotechnology, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Dr Jon Chandler, History, Social & Historical Sciences


  • Viktoria Viktorija, Mark Burrows, Niamh Grace, Martyn Carter, David Shanks, Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment)
  • Courtenay Norbury, Sarah Griffiths, David Newton, Jo Saul, Chris Kelly, Alice Liefgreen, Laura Bourne, Lara-Christina Kirfel, Anqi Xu, Jim Allen, Sabine Topf, Disa Witkowska
    Elise Kanber, Meryem Grabski, Candice Moore, Division of Psychology & Language Sciences, Brain Sciences
  • ENGF0003 Mathematical Modelling and Analysis I (MMAI) Teaching Team, Integrated Engineering Programme    Engineering Sciences
    • Academic Module Lead: Matheus Oliveira De Andrade
    • E-Learning Lead: Matthew Seren Smith
    • Departmental Academic Teaching Staff: Prof Marek Ziebart, Prof Cyril Renaud, Dr Vasos Pavlika, Dr Helen Czerski, Matheus Oliveira De Andrade, Dr Anita Karsa, Dr Evangelos Mazomenos, Dr Vasileios Charitopoulos, Prof Lazaros Papageorgiou, Dr Santosh Bhattarai, Dr Martyn Fice, Dr James Morris, Iva Burova, Dr Thomas Peach, Dr Pierre Gelat, Dr Seyyed Reza Haqshenas
    • PGTAs: Sarah Hunter, Rehan Shah, Longfei Zhao, Babatunde Olukotun, Fernando Gutierrez Urzua, Thanh Mai, Christopher Ogbunuzor, Christopher Parsonson, Danting Chen, Elisabetta Maria Frijia, Dang Pham, Farnaz Fahimi Hanzaee, Gabriela Andrade Lam, Ibrahim Abdinur, Horatio Cox, Jaakko Kaupinmaki, Jamie Bragg, Jiashu Yang, Chinonso Ezenwajiaku, Jonathan Gough, Lucy Hale, Maryam Habibollahi, Ashkan Pakzad, Maximiliano Jesus Jara Fornerod, Alexander Whitehead, Mayowa Dada, Muhammad Mukti, Pat Zhang, Hubert Dzieciol, Qianyu Luo, Fiona Neufeldt, Shirin Hussein, Solomon Bawa, Wang Geng, Wenlin Tu, Bojidar Rangelov, Mariana Zurita, Pradyumna Sepulveda Delgado
    • Professional Services: Anna Trostnikova, Kerry-Anne Tarlton, Riyad Joomun
  • Kate Marr, Nichola Faddoul, Marjorie Kelly, Jessica McGee, John Spittles, Rhonda Pierre, Melissa Zadmoghadas, Marianne Dang, Thom Dixon, Alex Gregory-Hobbs, Jennifer O’Donnell, Dave Spratt, Anita Graham, Steve Saberi, Mike Nesbitt, Alistair Jolly, Michael Weisbloom, Kerry Lancaster, Tara Gurung, Tracey Worthington, Isis Buffonge, Khaoula Almi, Sheila Dinis, Eastman Dental Institute, Medical Sciences
  • Staff: Dr Rochelle Burgess, Dr Lucy Irvine, Dr Hassan Haghparast-Bidgoli, Dr Nehla Djellouli, Professor Audrey Prost, Dr Stephen Roberts. Students: Ngozi Elobuike, Beauty Dhlamani, Mita Huq, Hind Omer, Sarah Lasoye, Ros Greiner, Hailey Ip, Ysabel Hannam, Paula Blancarte Jaber, UCL Institute for Global Health, Population Health Sciences

Eliminating awarding gaps


  • Julie Norman, Political Science, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Suphanit Piyapromdee, Economics, Social & Historical Sciences


  • Ana Monrabal-Cook and Dr. Luke Pearson, Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment)

Outstanding response to teaching and/or support during a pandemic 


  • Helen Brown Coverdale, Department of Political Science, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Dr Brent Carnell, Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment)
  • Dr Magda Hercheui, School of Management, Engineering Sciences
  • Dr Rikke Duus, School of Management, Engineering Sciences
  • Dr Jen Augustus, Dementia Research Centre, Department of Neurodegenerative Diseases, Queen Square Institute of Neurology, Brain Sciences
  • John Iona, UCL Library Services, OVPRIGE
  • Chloe Marshall, Psychology and Human Development, Institute of Education
  • Dr Eleanor Tillet, Division of Surgery & Interventional Science, Medical Sciences
  • Cecilia Busuioc, Mathematics Department, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Dr Amitava Banerjee, UCL Institute of Health Informatics, Population Health Sciences
  • Carl Sayer, Geography, Social & Historical Sciences


  • Fiachra Mac Góráin, Antony Makrinos, Robbie Macaulay, Stephanie Dutton, Alex Balciunas, Department of Greek and Latin, Arts & Humanities
  • Lauge Poulsen, John-Paul Salter, Hannah Berry and Marc Esteve, Department of Political Science, Social & Historical Sciences
  • All staff members and PGTAs for the Faculty of Engineering Sciences ENGF0001 module, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Engineering Sciences
  • Library Skills Team: This nomination includes all library staff who have contributed to [email protected] initiatives over the past year, particularly those actively involved in working and project groups:
    • Katie Abranson, Nazlin Bhimani, Helen Biggs, Sandra Blaj, Simon Bralee, Kate Brunskill, Sarah Burn, Shinwha Cha, Heather Chesters, Cecile Dubuis, Adam Eades-Miller, Mary Anne Fisk, Vanessa Freedman, Debs Furness, Giulia Garoli,  Andrew Gray, David Green, James Henderson, Gabriela Hujova, John Iona, Kieron Jones, Liz Lawes, Chris Li-In-On, Gillian Mackenzie, Debora Marletta, Dan O’Connor, Veronica Parisi, Sophie Pattison, Zuzana Pincikova, Iona Preston, Colin Rennie, Emily Selvidge, Jacqui Smith,  Paola Stillone, Zoe Thomas, Suzanne Traue, Tabitha Tuckett,  Angela Young  
  • Dr Cosette Crisan and Dr Eirini Geraniou, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (CPA), Institute of Education
  • Arjun Nathan (PGTA), Justin Collins, Ashwin Sridhar, John Kelly, Kien Hang (UCL medical student), Maria Georgi (UCL medical student), Sonam Patel (UCL medical student), Division of Surgery & Interventional Science, Medical Sciences
  • Hannah Cornish, Subhadra Das, Tannis Davidson, Anna Garnett, Andrea Fredericksen, UCL Culture
  • Prof Andrea Sella Prof Christoph Salzmann, Prof Daren Caruana, Dr Elizabeth Munday and Dr Sabrina Simoncelli, Miranda Molloy, Harry Li, Rebecca Chagoury and Sergio Garcia Busto, 3Alice Henley, Catherine Webley, Manish Trivedi, Manni Yang, Benji Thoma, Omri Tau, Belen Sola Barrado, Panagiotis Fikas, Minyan Lyu and Jasper Fairchild, Helena Wong, Hannah Shalloe, Alan Philcox, Saeed Said, Ruby Wright, Chemistry, Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Postgraduate Teaching Assistants (PGTAs)


  • Matilda Carter, Department of Political Science, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Alexandra Peca Amaral Gomes, Bartlett School of Planning, Bartlett (Built Environment)
  • Jonathan Hawkins, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Engineering Sciences
  • Aoife Horan, Economics, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Alice Henley, Chemistry Department, Mathematical & Physical Sciences


  • BSc Architecture PGTA Team: Dovile Ciapaite, Elliot Nash, Jean-Baptiste Gilles, and Lina Sun, Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment)

Staff-student partnership


  • Inken von Borzyskowski, Department of Political Science, Social & Historical Sciences
  • Giovanna di Martino, Department of Greek and Latin, Arts & Humanities
  • Safia Chaudhary, Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Division of Psychology & Language Sciences, Brain Sciences
  • Magda Raczynska, UCL Laws


  • BSA Virtual Exhibition Website team, Bartlett School of Architecture, Bartlett (Built Environment) Prof Penelope Haralambidou, Mr Chee-Kit Lai, Mr David Shanks
  • Bimpe Adeyemi, Zenni Emeka-Enechi, Santino Coduri-Fulford, Lois Haruna-Cooper, Jayne Kavanagh, John-george Nicholson, Tina Nyazika, Leona Sharma, Simisola Sule, Fernanda Fenn Torrente, Sarah Wong, Menna Yakoub, UCL Medical School, Medical Sciences.

In an exceptional year, Faculties told us that they wanted to recognise more colleagues at a local level, with a Faculty Education Award.Shape The following colleagues will receive a certificate and are congratulated for their dedication and commitment:


  • Dr Deepak Kalaskar, Division of Surgery, Medical Sciences
  • Dr Ioannis Papaioannou, Medical School, Medical Sciences
  • Dr Jennifer Rushworth, School of European Languages, Culture and Society, Arts & Humanities
  • David Sheard, UCL Mathematics, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Jeff Galkowski, UCL Mathematics, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Anna Roffey, UCL Chemistry, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Dave Hewett, UCL Mathematics, Mathematical & Physical Sciences
  • Richard Hill, UCL Mathematics  Mathematical & Physical Sciences


Medical School, Medical Sciences

  • Dr Andrew Williams, Dr Johanna Donovan, Dr Nephtali Marina-Gonzalez, Dr Jo Seale, Dr Mark Waugh, Dr Shane Minogue, Dr Alireza Mani, Dr Jennifer Rohn, Dr Adrian Slee, Dr Angela Tam, Mrs Elizabeth Cullen, Ms Sia Tehfeh, Mrs Shafia Shohid, Mr Tony Kiangebeni, Mr Matthew Brown, Dr Ioannis Papaioannou

History of Art, Social and Historical Sciences

  • Dr Hélia Marçal,Dr Rosemary Moore, Dr Jacob Paskins, Dr Allison Stielau, Dr Amrta Zboralska

UCL Economics, Social and Historical Sciences

  • Parama Chaudhury and Cloda Jenkins

Department of Mathematics, Social and Historical Sciences

  • Mathematics Teaching and Learning Team

UCL Chemistry, Mathematical & Physical Sciences

  • The Committee of the Chemical Physical Society

UCL Chemistry, Mathematical & Physical Sciences

  • Personal Tutoring Support In a Pandemic Team