Our Favourite Moments of the Year: 28 Days of Sustainability - it's time to make #ChangePossible

Sustainable UCL has organised the 28 Days of Sustainability campaign to draw attention to the importance of sustainability in everyday life, and also to engage students in

The campaign ran from the 21st of February thorugh to the 20th of March. It was 4 weeks full of sustainability-themed lectures, workshops, and events, including 3 One-Off volunteering sessions organised by the SU's Volunteering Service! We put on a callout to all of our Communtiy Partners and after fierce competition, we partnered with Heath Hands and City Harvest to host over 45 UCL volunteers for some sustainability-related volunteering.

We had a lot of fun and made some real impact. Read about our Volunteers' experiences, interviews with Volunteer Managers and much more in our plenary here.