On 6 June 2022, we recognised the hard work of our Departmental Societies with the first-ever Departmental Society Development Awards, showcasing the incredible work UCL student groups have done to build a deeper students’ sense of community and belonging in their Departments. Bringing students and staff together to celebrate, we handed out certificates to congratulate 9 Departmental Societies, a mixture of brand new and old, for their commitment and perseverance to enhance the experiences of their members during this difficult year.

Each Award comes with a financial prize to continue the Societies development next year and each committee member gets their own certificate. Over the last year we have affiliated over 15 new Departmental Societies and we would like to thank all the staff members who have supported their Societies, and for those who could attend the Awards!

Bartlett School of Architecture Society - Bronze Award

The society has worked with academic representatives to become involved in the staff-student forum, as well as working with them to begin drafting some key issues to raise with the department regarding student welfare”

Crook Society (Biochemical Engineering) - Silver Award

“Being a part of my departmental society has added a much-needed social/community dynamic to my department"

Engineering Society - Gold

“The departmental societies help build on the academics. It also helps showcase opportunities for using what we've learned to make a difference”

English Society - Silver

Pharmacology Society - Silver

RUMS - Silver

“Being a part of RUMS has really improved my sense of belonging at UCL and UCLMS!” RUMS - Medical School - Silver Award

Pharmacy Society - Bronze

“Our events have encouraged a holistic establishment of a sense of community within the School of Pharmacy”

SSEES - Gold

Division of Interventional Surgery & Science Society - Bronze

“It's helped me learn who to contact about things and we have written small pieces in the department newsletter about the society. This allows development of interpersonal skills.”

If you would like to learn more about the work we are doing with Departmental Societies, or you run a student group and would like to officially join the Students’ Union and join our community of 380+ Clubs and Societies, get in touch with Jo at [email protected].