Written by Aria, Activities & Engagement Officer

The Chinese New Year is more than just a day; it's a vibrant, week-long celebration filled with rich traditions and cultural festivities. Let's dive into the joyous journey of the first seven days of the new year! 🌙✨

Day 1 (Feb. 10): Worship and Festive Fairs - 大年初一 🐉🏮

We start the New Year with reverence and fun! Paying homage to the "God of the Year" (岁神) for blessings, and immersing ourselves in lively temple fairs. It's a blend of spirituality and celebration, marking a festive beginning to the new year. 🙏🎊

Day 2 (Feb. 11): Family Time and Red Pockets - 大年初二 💰

Day two is all about family and fortune. We visit relatives, exchange warm greetings, and, yes, it's 红包 (red pocket) time! These little packets aren't just money; they're bundles of luck and good wishes! 💌🤗

Day 4 (Feb. 13): Honoring the Kitchen God - 大年初四 🍲🔥

Skipping to day four, we welcome back the Kitchen God. It's a day to appreciate health and fortune, with special treats and offerings in our kitchens. It's about cherishing family and the heart of our homes. 🏠❤

Day 5 (Feb. 14): Welcoming the God of Wealth - 大年初五 💸🙌

Here comes my favorite part - honoring the God of Wealth! Prayers, offerings, and hopes for a financially prosperous year ahead. It's a day that showcases our community's aspirations and respect for abundance. 🌟💵

Chinese New Year decor in Chinatown, London

Day 7 (Feb. 16): Day of People - 大年初七 🌺🌏

We wrap up the week with the Day of People, celebrating respect and kindness towards everyone. It's a reminder of the importance of harmony, and a day for elders to show leniency and love towards the younger ones. 👴👶
This week is more than a festive time; it's a heartwarming journey through traditions that connect us to our roots and values. It's a blend of joy, reflection, and hope, making the Chinese New Year a truly unique and enriching experience. Let's embrace these moments and make memories that last a lifetime! 🎇🥳