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Did you know that active students have higher mental wellbeing, social inclusion, and greater positive perceptions of academic attainment and employability compared to inactive students? We’ve had an idea that this might be the case, but last year we got the evidence

Data collected across Scottish universities (2016-17), British universities (2017-18), and British colleges (2018-19) found that active students were happier, less lonely and got better grades. You can read the report from the British Active Student Survey here.

Last year’s findings also highlighted problems with access to physical activity and this has helped to shape this year’s research. This year’s survey looks to build on the existing data, adding in questions to understand motivations to physical activity, links to competitive sport within an institution as well as against other institutions, and further insights into mental wellbeing such as the levels of student loneliness.

We want to hear what you think, whether you’re active or not

By completing the short survey, we’ll get understanding into the levels of physical activity at universities and the relationship between wider health and wellbeing, academic attainment, and employability skills.

Open until the Friday 20 December 2019, this is the first year that the survey encompasses both further and higher education institutions.

Students who complete the survey are eligible to enter a prize draw to win up to three £50 ASOS vouchers.

Take part in the survey

British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) is working in partnership with ukactive Research Institute and AoC Sport to continue the evolution of the British Active Student Survey.

What’s in it for you and UCL?

  • Institutions can receive the data for their institution to undertake a comparison to the data reported. Data will be made available if an institution is able to get 5% of their full-time equivalent students to complete the survey.
  • We want to learn about the impact that sport and physical activity has on our members to help us better shape our delivery and secure greater investment in opportunities for you to be active!
  • Recommendations from the previous research has help to provide students with activity habits for later life, a positive physical activity experience, and further support for them to achieve academic success and to be employable.

Want to know more? 

To learn more and take part in the survey, click here.

If you have any questions about the survey, email Sports Development Manager Katie Sykes