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Every day, right across every UCL department, some of the over 1600 Academic Representatives that we work with are making your education better. Whether it’s improving the curriculum, getting you access to facilities, moving unreasonable deadlines, or pushing for better feedback, if you can think of it, they’re probably doing it.

We’ve picked out just a few of our favourite examples below. But we really want is to hear from you about what your favourite Academic Rep has done. We’re awarding one rep in each Faculty a coveted Academic Rep of the Year award.

Ensuring exams reflect course content

There was a great deal of worry about the nature of the exams and what they would actually be covering. It was felt the first set of exams in December didn’t reflect the course content and so during the first SSCC meeting I brought this up with the faculty – they brought in many changes to the exams in the spring which was felt to be a huge improvement. This I felt was the biggest improvement I managed to bring about. 

Jonathan Marler, Course Rep for MSc Clinical Opthamology

“This year has been a good one for improvements - we gained the undergraduates access to the departmental kitchen, something which has been greatly desired since my first year.” 

Alexandra Fraser, Course Rep, Department of Greek and Latin

Consistent use of Lecturecast

One major issue which arose was the lack of Lecturecast in certain lecture theatres. This was due to teaching taking place in pop up venues such as the Royal National Hotel. The department understood the need for all lecture material to be recorded and available to students and therefore have helped lecturers to record the audio and projector display from their own laptops. In addition there will be no future lectures taking place in the hotel.

Kam Poon, Lead Department Rep, Department of Chemistry

More support for your dissertation

As a rep, I’ve tried to help with second years’ preparation for their dissertation. Following on from this, the SSCC decided to set up a dissertation ‘mixer’ between second and third years after Christmas. It was extremely useful for all students and we received lots of positive feedback. 

Lena Fricker, Course Rep for BA Geography

Smoother transition from A Level to degree

Some concrete changes that have happened during my time as rep is that new students entering Chemical Engineering having matched their offers will receive a topic list of things that they are expected to know to smooth the transition between A-levels and University. I made this happen by raising that particular concern during the first SSCC meeting.

Ahmed Ali, Course Rep, Department of Chemical Engineering

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