From comedy to romance, thriller to tear-jerker, here's the LGBTQ+ movies you just have to add to your Letterboxd watchlist.


Ayo Edebiri stars as Josie and Rachel Sennott as PJ in "Bottoms." 
Patti Perret/ORION Pictures Inc.

Movie type: Comedy

Plot in one sentence: Two unpopular girls start a fight club at their high school in order to meet girls and lose their virginities.

Why should you watch it: It stars the amazing Ayo Edebiri & Rachel Sennott, and it's all around a super funny movie.

My Sole Desire


Genre: Romance/Drama

Plot in one sentence: Whilst working as a stripper in Paris, a woman falls in love with her co-worker.

Why you should watch it: It's also an insightful exploration of sex work, female friendship and empowerment.



Movie type: Comedy/Drama

Plot in one sentence: Depicts a group of lesbian and gay activists who raised money to help families affected by the British miners' strike in 1984.

Why you should watch it: Andrew Scott AND Bill Nighy are in it. You'll also spot a number of London landmarks, including UCL's local queer bookshop Gay's The Word.



Movie type: Romance/Drama

Plot in one sentence: A queer coming of age story set in Nairobi, amidst family and political pressures around LGBT rights in Kenya.

Why you should watch it: It scooped up tons of awards (including the Queer Palm at Cannes Film Festival), and is ultimately a film which is about lesbian joy and hope.



Genre: Thriller/Romance

Plot in one sentence: Coming of age movie following a young Black man struggling with identity, sexuality, family and friendship.

Why you should watch it: We all know Moonlight from THAT Oscars slip-up, but that's not the only thing that's kept it in people's minds. It's a simple yet emotional plot accompanied by visually immersive cinematography.

The Handmaiden


Genre: Thriller

Plot in one sentence: A Japanese woman hires a handmaiden, and lots of deception and queer love follow.

Why you should watch: Park Chan-Wook is a genius, and this is one of his most critically acclaimed movies. Like his other movies, it's full of twists and turns, and it will keep you gripped.



Genre: Thriller

Plot in one sentence: Two women have a love affair and steal lots of money from unintelligent male gangsters.

Why you should watch it: If you're bored of male-fronted heist movies, or if 'be gay, do crime' is your mantra, this is the movie for you.

Theatre Camp


Genre: Comedy

Plot in one sentence: Mockumentary theatre kids work with a tech-bro to keep their summer camp afloat.

Why you should watch it: Though the movie isn't explicitly about queer people, it presents theatre as a refuge for queer communities. It also features gender-non conforming individuals, a gay man, and a drag queen. Oh and queen Ayo Edebiri is in it again.

All Of Us Strangers


Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Plot in one sentence: A ghost story about queer trauma which will break your heart.

Why you should watch it: Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal are in it. If that hasn't convinced you, it's received rave reviews and been described as 'emotionally wrenching' by The Guardian. Bring tissues with you to the cinema.