Become a representative!

Are you a student who's passionate about making positive changes by speaking up for your peers, and having a say in important decisions? If so, you might want to consider becoming a representative. Nominations are now CLOSED and while you're here, we'll uncover what it means to be a rep, how to get involved, and the exciting journey ahead of you.

What Is a Student Representative?

A representative, often known as a 'rep' is a student who is elected to represent their fellow students and voice their concerns, ideas, and suggestions to administrators and faculty members. They play a crucial role in making the university a better place for growth and development.

Making Change Happen

Why Become a Representative?

  • Make a difference: By becoming a student representative, you have the power to make a real impact. You can work on initiatives that improve the university experience by organising events, addressing student concerns, and suggesting improvements.
  • Develop Leadership Skills: Being a representative can help you develop essential life skills, such as leadership, communication, and problem-solving. These skills will serve you well in the future, no matter what career path you choose.
  • Make Lifelong Friends: You'll have the opportunity to collaborate with students and make friends with people who share your passion for positive change.
  • Build a Network: By connecting with fellow students, faculty members, and administrators, academic reps can expand their network and build relationships within their academic institution. This networking can lead to valuable connections, potential collaborations, and a sense of belonging within the academic community.

What roles are available?

There are so many roles for you to choose from. These include:

Club and Society Welfare Reps
Societies Non-Portfolio Representatives
Societies Rep (Non-Performance Art)
Societies Rep (Performance Art)
Societies Rep (Student Media)
Sports Non-Portfolio Representative
Volunteering Reps
Faculty Reps
Research Students’ Officer
Hall Community Officers
Social Class & Mobility Officer
Trans Officer
UCL East Students’ Officer
NUS Conference Delegate
Student Trustees

How does it work?

Nominations are now CLOSED. For those who have been selected as a candidate, they will now receive training in campaigning so they can learn key skills that will help you win support. During Vote Week (23 October), you will have the opportunity to vote. Winners will be announced on 27 October. All key information on roles, deadline dates, F&Qs, and more can be found on the main page.