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Hall Representatives are elected to represent the views of students living in student residences at UCL. Hall Representatives liaise with UCL Student Accommodation and act as the voice of students in residences, ensuring they take their needs into account. Representatives will strive to ensure a better experience in their residence.

Interested in becoming a Hall Rep:

Why become a Hall Rep? 

You’ll get to help represent students you live with and make your hall a better place. Plus, Hall Reps receive a £2,000 rent reduction in return for carrying out their role. 

To see a role description for each position and to submit your nomination, please click here

Hall Rep profile – Nudhara Yusuf

What did you do in your role?

Being Hall Rep involved a lot of dealing with complaints that students had. It was about signposting and giving people direction with how to take care of their problems. I was also responsible for organising social events for the Hall and building a community amongst residents.

What were your highlights?

At the end of the year I held a “Hall Ball” as an end of year social. I had sent weeks arranging logistics, food, decorations, the Photo Booth, the chocolate fountain, the music, the theme, marketing and more. But to see that event come to life and hear the students tell me this was one of the highlights of their residence experience, was truly worth all the work I’d done throughout the year.

What skills did you develop?

I learnt a lot about liaising with different people and solving problems. Students aren’t easy to please and not all requests are possible. You really learn how to optimise on what you have; fighting for what the students want.