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UCL MedTech Society is an interdisciplinary collective of students with a common interest in using technology to solve problems in healthcare.

Our committee brings together skills and knowledge from fields such as medicine, computer science, neuroscience and more! We aim to bring you speakers and events that will broaden and deepen your interest in the changing landscape of medical technology. 

We strive to introduce you to cutting edge principles and to link them into the various fields in which they can be applied, be it surgery, pharmaceuticals, medical devices etc. Our talks so far have included introductions into the applications of artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum computation to healthcare. We have also organised interactive VR demonstrations, coding workshops and an inter-university MedTech conference!

UCL MedTech believes in educating our members about medical technology no matter what their background is and creating a community for inquisition and discussion. 

We are also dedicated to making it a great lot of fun! 

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