To advertise your Project Opportunities in the Volunteering Service Newsletter, write a short article that will provide the reader with everything they need to know but can be read quickly and send this to [email protected].


  • Start with a punchy sentence that gives a sense of what you’re after (e.g. ‘Calling all sporty students’; ‘Could you inspire a young person?’ ‘Help create a habitat for London’s wildlife’ etc.)
  • Follow up with a sentence or two about your Student-Led Project and what you do.
  • Say a bit about what the volunteer role is.
  • Include the time commitment (how many hours per week / how many months) and where the volunteering will take place.
  • State what qualities you’re looking for in a volunteer.
  • Say what the volunteers will get out of it.
  • Finish by summing up what makes this an attractive volunteering opportunity.


  • Just send us a flier or poster you’ve done for something else – we need plain text for our newsletter.
  • Use bullet points – they make our newsletter too long so we’ll probably edit them out.
  • Exceed 50 words.

Here’s an example of an advert from one of previous newsletter: