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Thursday 20 May 202114.00 to 16.00

The Lacrosse club us asking all postgraduates who would like to try it out to join them for a session in Regents Park.

Lacrosse is a fast paced game and is super fun to play! We’re a very social and friendly club, and have a very strong beginners and postgraduate presence, so come along and try it out, and we’ll have you playing in no time! 

In this session, we’ll teach you the basics of lacrosse: passing, catching, picking up and running with the ball etc. and round off the session with some mini games, to give you a quick introduction to the sport.

You’ll get to try something completely new and meet new people on a (hopefully) sunny day in Regents Park. 

Come dressed in sports gear, ready to run, e.g. sports leggings and a t-shirt. Trainers are usually fine if the weather is dry, however if you have football boots it’d be good to bring them along in case it’s a bit muddy. A lacrosse stick will be provided for you on arrival. 

Details on where and when to meet will be sent once you get a ticket.

If you’ve played Lacrosse before, we’ll have a training session for our more experienced players running at the same time, so please email us If you’d like to come along to that one. 

Follow our Social Media channels to keep up to date with all our events and training sessions (Women’s Facebook Group, Instagram & Joint Facebook Group) and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Please note: This is a Women’s Taster session and the Men’s Lacrosse Club train on Tuesday afternoons. 

Please contact Chiamaka Agu (President) with any questions. 

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