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Science Communication Slam

Ever get asked by your family or friends, what is your research about? Struggle to get them to understand? This is more common than you think and is a super good indicator that you’re ready to work on your science communication skills!

Unlock the power of your scientific voice at our Science Communication Slam! Join us for dynamic training sessions throughout May that provide a crash course in effective science communication. Choose from a menu of options and build yourself your own learning pathway, based on what you need.

“Science Communication for Neurodiverse Audiences” with Eliza Eaton

Join us for a transformative workshop led by Eliza Eaton, a renowned autistic advocate and expert in biomedical science community engagement. Eliza brings a wealth of experience from her extensive work in the field of autism, having contributed to numerous large-scale studies and projects in the United Kingdom and United States. As a passionate advocate for neurodiversity, she understands the importance of making science accessible, considerate, and empowering to neurodivergent people.

Throughout the workshop, Eliza will share top tips and best practices for tailoring science communication to neurodiverse audiences. Participants will learn how to craft messages that are clear, engaging, and respectful of different communication styles and preferences.

Key topics covered in the workshop include:

  1. Understanding neurodiversity and its implications for science communication
  2. Identifying barriers to effective communication with neurodivergent audiences
  3. Practical strategies for making complex scientific concepts more accessible
  4. Creating inclusive communication materials and presentations
  5. Fostering an environment of respect and empowerment for all audience members

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Wheelchair accessible
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