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The Musical Theatre Society is excited to host another West End theatre trip. This time we are heading to Cabaret!

Date: 22.05.2024

Time: 1 PM onwards

Price for tickets in Grand Circle (More than 50% off the original price!)

  • Student members with Standard Membership: £29.5 
  • Non-members: £35 

Please meet the committee at 1 PM in front of The Playhouse Theatre to receive your physical ticket!

By purchasing a ticket you have read and understood the following:

We will not use a waitlist.

1 ticket per person. The website only allows the purchase of one ticket per person but there may be a technical error where it allows you to buy more than one ticket. 

The ticket you buy is for yourself.

We do not accept Band Membership for Mt Society Member tickets, only Standard Memberships.

This is an event for UCL students or SU affiliated students only.

Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly