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Friday 11 June 202104.00 to Monday 14 June 202116.00
UCL Surf Club Takes On Newquay!! ??‍♀️??‍♂️?
COVID’s had us doing wakeboarding, online yoga, swimming… anything but surfing basically! Hold on tight though, because that’s about to change!! Your thirst for waves is about to be satisfied with a trip to our beloved Newquay!! ??☀️?Get ready for a good 4 days full of surf and activities, including picnics, beach cleans, skating, sunset sessions, and evenings at the pub!
ALL LEVELS WELCOME!! (yes, that includes 0h of surf experience!)
You in? ?
We’re offering two packages: one with daily 2h lessons and another with just equipment. They both include 3 nights at Blue Room Hostel Newquay, where we’ll all be staying.
3 nights hostel accommodation, including light breakfast
4 days 2h lessons + full day equipment (wetsuit + board) for independent practice
Total price: £175
3 nights hostel accommodation, including light breakfast
4 days surf equipment (wetsuit + board)
Total price: £107
Trip dates: 11th-14th June

If you have already submitted your google forms to us to go on the trip, found on the event page, please purchase a coach ticket.

This year, due to Covid-19, there are no coaches through the National Express and train tickets are upwards of £120. Therefore, we have hired a private coach to take us all together. We will be departing from outside the Student Centre on Gordon Street at 04:00am on the 11th June 2021. The journey there will take approximately six hours and we will be returning on Monday at approximately 17:00pm. The coach tickets are £40 return, and a ticket is necessary to be able to get on the coach, as we will be keeping a register.

If you are travelling via another mode of transport as you are not currently in London, please let us know in advance so we will know your arrival time.

Please wear a facemask throughout the coach journey, and we strongly recommend getting a Covid-19 test beforehand which you can get through UCL, or through your local test site.

Please ensure to purchase the coach ticket prior to the event (unless traveling by car)

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