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We present the Musical Theatre Society's Term 3 show Disney's Beauty and the Beast!

"A tale as old as time with songs as old as rhyme"

This show will have three performances held in Jeremy Bentham Room (see here on how to get there):

Saturday 1st of June Evening 18:30

Sunday  2nd of June Matinee 14:00

Sunday 2nd of June Evening 18:30

This ticketing slot is for the MATINEE performance on Saturday 2nd of June!

£7.5  for UCL students* and £8.5 for general admission**.

*UCL student tickets include UCL staff and affiliate students. Student/staff IDs will be checked at the door.

**General admission tickets include UCL alumni.

For non-UCL students, you can purchase a ticket after creating a local account in the login section.

Find the behind the scenes on Instagram @beautyandthebeast_uclmt

Wheelchair accessible
Family friendly